Day: March 26, 2021

Keep Your Kidneys Healthy – Follow These 7 Tips to Protect Your Kidney

1. Hydrate, but don’t overhydrate Although it’s definitely a smart idea to drink lots of water, drinking more than the average 4 or 6 glasses a day is obviously not going to make your kidneys do their job any better. 2. Healthy Food Follow good eating Read More

It’s Time to Know about Glaucoma and How to Safeguard your Vision

Glaucoma steadily affects the optic nerve of the eye, an essential connection between the brain and the eye.  People with glaucoma typically lose vision before they find issues with their eyes. The most prevalent form of glaucoma is known as primary Read More

Know the Warning Signs : Identifying Changes in Mental Health

It’s not really simple to try to discern the difference between what the expected behaviors are and what the signs of a mental disorder might be. There is no simple evaluation that will let people know whether there is a mental disorder or what behavior Read More

Let’s Beat Diabetes : Top 5 Preventive Measures for Diabetes

1. Physical Activity There are numerous benefits of daily physical exercise. Exercise will help: Lose your weight. Lower the sugar level in your blood. Boost your insulin sensitivity — which ensures your blood sugar is within a healthy range. Evidence Read More


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