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What is referred to as hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a treatment procedure that uses water as a medium to treat various conditions. These are different words associated with hydrotherapy like aquatic therapy or pool therapy. 

Aquatic treadmill is one of the procedures offered as a part of hydrotherapy. Aquatic treadmills work by putting a conveyor belt in a water pool so that the patient can walk or run against the force of the water.

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In what ways does hydrotherapy help?

Hydrotherapy treatment can be helpful in numerous ways like:

  • The pressure of the water helps to strengthen the muscles and to ease the pain while you exercise.

  • Water serves as a great support to your weight aiding to relieve the joint pain

  • Exercising in water helps build your muscle strength as you need to push your body against the water.

Who are the right candidates for aquatic treadmill in hydrotherapy?

Aquatic treadmill in hydrotherapy can be used for numerous purposes as it is an efficient tool that helps in the recovery of various conditions like,

If you are dealing with any of these issues, reach out to an aqua physiotherapy in Coimbatore to avail hydrotherapy from the experts.

What are the benefits of undergoing hydrotherapy?

There are various benefits of undergoing hydrotherapy like,

Who can seek hydrotherapy?

Primarily hydrotherapy is used to relieve pain and muscle stiffness. People with the symptoms mentioned below can also seek hydrotherapy the signs include:

Who can get benefited by hydrotherapy?

How does an aquatic treadmill function?

Aquatic treadmill therapy is a type of training that helps people restore their function by using the water as a healing medium. Some of the important characteristics about water are:


Questions ? Answered !

Do aquatic treadmills work effectively?

Although aquatic treadmills were introduced in the past few years, various studies have proved that aquatic treadmills in hydrotherapy are highly effective in easing the pain and restoring the function of the injured area.

Are aquatic treadmills for everyone?

Aquatic treadmills can benefit the majority of the people seeking it. Unfortunately not everyone can undergo hydrotherapy like people with contagious skin disorders, epilepsy, urinary tract infections. Talking about any of the concerns before seeking hydrotherapy is advised.

Is performing exercise in an aquatic treadmill safe?

Aquatic treadmills work just like the normal treadmills. Aquatic treadmills also provide perfect support for the ones performing exercises. A physiotherapist will assist you throughout the exercise. Reach out to the best hospital for hydrotherapy treatment to ensure you have a safe experience.

Do aquatic treadmills worsen knee problems?

Aquatic treadmills in hydrotherapy work with a concept of resistance. When the knee is moved against the water due to the force of water the impact is less and improves muscle strength.

Do aquatic treadmills help in losing weight?

Aquatic treadmills are similar to the normal treadmills, they are effective tools in relieving pain and build great muscle strength in people with joint and bone disorders. While trying to lose weight with the help of aquatic treadmills they are as effective as normal treadmills.

How much does Hydrotherapy cost in Coimbatore?

The cost of hydrotherapy varies depending on the type of hydrotherapy, the institution offering the service, the length of sessions, and any additional services or facilities provided.

What is hydrotherapy used for?

Mainly hydrotherapy is used to relieve you from symptoms like pain and stiffness. As a part of your symptom management or treatment plan, the providers will suggest a form of hydrotherapy, which will help you to reduce your pain. This process will relax your muscles, and reduce the pain in your joints, and help you to exercise.

Are hydrotherapy safe in pregnancy?

In common hydrotherapy is safe during pregnancy, further, it will also offer several benefits like reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and helping for relaxation. Also, it is recommended to use moderate hot water and discuss with your doctor prior to starting new therapy to confirm it is appropriate for individual health conditions and pregnancy stages.

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