Sepsis - an overview of the condition:

Sepsis is a fatal condition that occurs when the human body reacts adversely to the infection and begins to attack the healthy cells while trying to eliminate the infection causing systemic inflammation.

Not being diagnosed early and treated immediately can lead to complications like shock, organ failure, and life-threatening. Sepsis is previously referred to as septicemia. About 11 million sepsis cases are recorded in India annually, with over 3 million being fatal

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Sepsis - the significant indications that help identify:

Low-grade fever


The confused state of mind

Lace-like patterned skin

Troubled breathing

Rapid heart rate

Low BP

Sensitivity to cold

Decreased frequency of urination

Body ache

Who is at high risk of getting affected by sepsis?

The following groups are at a much higher risk of sepsis:

The different types of sepsis can include:

The stages of sepsis that can include:


Urothelial carcinoma


Sepsis - The possible causes that lead to the condition:

Sepsis can happen when an infection starts a chain reaction in your body that makes your organs stop working. Sepsis can be caused by an infection that can start in many different places in the body. The possible causes include,

  • Bacterial infection

  • Fungal infection

  • Parasitic infection

  • Viral infection

What might be the complications that can follow if sepsis is not treated at the right time?

Sepsis is an emergency condition that requires immediate treatment, when delayed it can lead to conditions like,

With effective sepsis infection treatment you can prevent any complications and have a quick recovery.

Diagnostic procedures that help diagnose the condition:

Sepsis - Treatment options to manage the condition:

Treating sepsis quickly is essential. The timeliness of diagnosis and sepsis infection treatment is paramount in sepsis protocols. If your doctor suspects you have sepsis, they will likely admit you to the hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) for specialized care. The following procedures may be used to treat sepsis:

The major tips to help prevent sepsis:

  • Ensure to follow good hygiene

  • In case of any open wounds cover them until recovery

  • Managing any chronic conditions effectively

  • Seek medical help in case of an infection


Questions ? Answered !

Is a complete cure for sepsis possible?

The majority of persons who contract sepsis recover fully. But it may take a while. You may still be experiencing some physical and psychological effects. The aftereffects of sepsis can last for a long time, sometimes years.

Can sepsis begin all of a sudden?

The onset and progression of this disorder can be shockingly rapid, and there can be difficulty in diagnosing sepsis. The term "blood poisoning" was historically routinely used to describe sepsis. It almost usually was fatal.

What can be the leading cause of sepsis?

Any infection can cause sepsis, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal; nevertheless, the following are the organs most usually affected by infections that lead to sepsis: Lungs (pneumonia is the most common cause), kidneys, bladder, and the rest of the urinary system

Can the human body cure sepsis on its own?

Although most people with illnesses eventually get better, either on their own or with the help of medicine.

Is sepsis might be the result of poor hygiene?

Sepsis can be brought on by any infection, whether bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic. Proper cleanliness practices and avoiding sick persons are the only ways to reduce your risk of contracting sepsis. Vaccines are a viable option for preventing the spread of other diseases.

What is the cost of sepsis treatment in Coimbatore?

The cost of sepsis treatment in coimbatore can vary greatly based on a number of factors, including the severity of the infection, the hospital or medical facility, the length of hospital stay, and the fees charged by the healthcare provider.

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