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Sickle cell anemia - here’s basics you need to know:

The term “sickle cell disease” refers to a set of genetic illnesses, one of which is sickle cell anemia. Red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body, change shape.

Because of their spherical shape and flexibility, red blood cells can glide through the body’s capillaries and arterioles. Specific red blood cells take on a sickle or crescent form in people with sickle cell anemia. Because of their rigidity and stickiness, sickle cells can impede blood flow.

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Sickle cell anemia - the signs to look out for:

Here is a list of some of the sickle cell disease signs and symptoms that are associated. But the symptoms may be different for each person. Some of the symptoms and complications could be:


Pain or sickle crisis

Chest pain syndrome

Swelling of hands and feet

Retarded growth or puberty in both boys & girls

The causative factors that can lead to the condition:

  • Sickle cell disease is passed down from parent to child because of a mistake in a gene

  • Only if a person inherits the sickle cell trait from both parents does the child be born with the disease.

The complications that follow if sickle cell anemia is not managed:

Diagnosis - sickle cell anemia tests to confirm the condition:

Sickle cell anemia - The treatment approach to effectively treat the condition:

A complete cure for sickle cell anemia has yet to be attained. But taking sickle cell anemia treatment for the condition can significantly reduce the risk of fatalities and help manage symptoms to provide relief.


Questions ? Answered !

Is sickle cell anemia a severe illness?

Sickle cell disease is characterized by the production of abnormally shaped red blood cells that do not survive as long as normal blood cells and can obstruct blood arteries. Although many signs of sickle cell disease can be controlled with treatment, the disease is a severe and potentially fatal disorder that affects people for their whole lives.

At what age can sickle cell anemia be diagnosed?

Newborn screening for infectious diseases is routinely used to detect infant sickle cell disease. Babies with sickle cell disease typically do not display symptoms until they are between four and six months old because of the high levels of protection fetal haemoglobin present at birth.

Can sickle cell anemia be prevented?

SCA is a genetic blood condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Since it is a hereditary disorder passed on from parent to child, there is currently no prevention method. However, scientists are continually looking into new ways to stop the disease.

Which organ is affected the most due to sickle cell anemia?

The spleen aids in the removal of infected blood by filtering it. Those with sickle cell disease cannot pass beyond this barrier; hence they perish. Chronic anemia develops when not enough healthy red blood cells are circulating in the body. The spleen also suffers harm from sickled cells.

What happens to a person who is diagnosed with sickle cell anemia?

A sickle cell anemia patient's red blood cells take on the appearance of a C-shaped farm tool because of the abnormal haemoglobin that causes sickle cell anemia. The premature death of sickle cells results in an ongoing deficiency of healthy red blood cells.

How much does it cost to cure sickle cell anemia in Coimbatore?

The costs might vary greatly based on the demands of the particular patient and the healthcare practitioner. Furthermore, health insurance coverage might have a major impact on the patient's out-of-pocket spending.

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