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Here's what you must know about congenital heart diseases:

A baby’s heart development starts early in pregnancy and is almost completed at 6 to 8 weeks. The baby will have heart defects if any derangement occurs at this crucial period. This is called CHD, which stands for congenital heart disease.

Some congenital diseases can be there right from the time of birth, although they might show the signs after a certain period of time. But the good news is now various CHDs can be detected at an early stage helping in immediate treatment.

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Congenital Heart Disease Treatment in Coimbatore

Is congenital heart disease (CHD) a rare disease?

A heart defect is the most common congenital disability. If 1000 babies are born, 8 to 12 babies have newborn heart problems. Every year nearly 13 lakh new babies are born with heart disease globally. In India alone, 2 to 2.5 lakh babies are born with heart defects yearly.

Identifying congenital heart diseases in babies:

The major causes of congenital heart diseases:

What are the symptoms of congenital heart disease?

Many congenital heart abnormalities are not accompanied by obvious symptoms. However, severe or many cardiac defects in infants might result in the following symptoms:

What risk factors are associated with congenital heart disease?

Environmental factors and exposure to certain substances in the early weeks of pregnancy, when the baby's heart is forming, can increase the baby's risk of developing congenital heart disease.

Reach out to a congenital heart disease treatment specialist in Coimbatore to avoid any complications that can follow.

What are the complications of congenital heart disease?

Congenital heart disease can lead to life-long complications and related conditions, if not detected and treated at the correct age. These com plications can be prevented.

These include an increased risk of:

Various preventive measures for congenital heart diseases:

There is no way to stop congenital heart diseases from happening for sure. However, a pregnant woman can reduce the risk by avoiding known risk factors and taking some precautions:

  • Get vaccinated against rubella and influenza.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol.

  • Quit smoking

  • Consult your physician before taking any medications

  • Take folic acid as prescribed

  • Stay away from unwell people.

  • Keep diabetes under-controlled

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals.

How is congenital heart disease diagnosed?

One or more tests may be recommended to diagnose a congenital heart defect. These include:

How is congenital heart disease treated?

Congenital heart disease may be treated using a minimally invasive technique such as transcatheter procedures or open congenital heart surgery, depending on the type and severity of the condition. In a keyhole procedure, a catheter (small tube) is used to administer an intravascular device such as a balloon, coil, or stent to dilate (enlarge) or seal existing heart abnormalities.

Types of keyhole procedures :

Types of surgeries

For certain cardiac defects in infants, open surgery may be recommended.

Surgeries include the following:

When is the time to visit a paediatric cardiologist?

  • Newborns may be born with certain cardiac complications that require close monitoring and expert supervision

  • At times if the fetus is suspected of having a congenital impairment, the initial visit to a paediatric cardiologist may occur while you are still pregnant

  • Newborns can also show certain signs that might indicate a need to visit a pediatric cardiologist.


Questions ? Answered !

Is congenital heart disease curable?

Most of the time, nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, newborn holes in heart and valve blockage can successfully be cured by microsurgery without open-heart surgery. On the other hand, blue baby syndrome is mostly treated with open-heart surgery with an excellent outcome.

Is it possible to know about heart disease before birth?

By "fetal echo," a kind of ultrasound done during pregnancy between 18-20 weeks. Specialists can always detect a congenital heart defect before birth.

Why are congenital heart diseases not treated on time?

Open-heart surgery scares them most of the time. But nowadays, most holes in the heart and valve problems can be treated by "Device" closure or "balloon dilatation." The patient can go home within 48 hours of successful DEVICE closure or BALLOON dilatation.

Does congenital heart disease only occur in children?

No, in India and the subcontinent, large numbers of adults also suffer from heart problems present from birth.

Can congenital heart diseases be carried through families?

Congenital heart disease can be caused by several health problems that a baby gets from one or both parents. Some forms of congenital heart disease are also known to run in families.

How much does Congenital Heart Diseases cost in Coimbatore?

The cost of treating congenital heart diseases in Coimbatore can vary the specific type and severity of the congenital heart condition, the chosen treatment approach, the healthcare provider or facility, and any associated medical interventions required.

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