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What is an Angiogram?

If you have been having acute chest pain or have a history of coronary illness, your doctor might have suggested an angiogram.

An angiogram is an X-ray procedure that can be prescribed for both diagnostic and remedial purposes of coronary diseases. This is usually the best way to assess for blockages in the blood vessels. An angiogram can detect the narrowing and blockage in your coronary arteries.

It would require a dye to be infused into your body, after which X-rays are used to look for blockages.

The blockage is assessed and a further treatment plan is prepared by your doctor.

Why and when is an angiogram suggested?

Your cardiologist may suggest that you take a coronary angiogram if you have:

Symptoms of prolonged coronary illness, for example, chest pain (angina)

Acute pain in your chest, jaw, neck, or arm that you are not able to diagnose using different tests

You have an abnormality in the heart (intrinsic coronary illness) since birth

Other artery issues or a chest injury

A heart valve requires surgery

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Our Cardiology department has treated over 20000+ patients with heart issues over the last 48 years. Our team of highly experienced cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons will ensure you receive the best angiogram and intervention treatment.

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Our team of highly experienced Cardiologists and Cardiothoracic surgeons have immense experience in providing the best angiogram and intervention treatment in Coimbatore.

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Questions? Answered!

A stent may be utilized instead of – or along with – angioplasty. They are used after evaluating certain features of the artery blockage, like the size of the artery and where the blockage is. Stenting is a fairly normal technique; in fact, it presently addresses 70–90% of the methodology which lowers the risk of heart diseases and death.

Stents diminish the narrowing that usually happens after balloon angioplasty or other systems that utilize catheters. Stents also help restore usual blood flow and keep an artery open if it had been torn or harmed by the balloon catheter.

This is an issue even with the stent technique. However, doctors now use a new variety of stents called drug-eluting stents. These are coated with drugs that are gradually released and help restrain the blood vessel from reclosing. These new stents have had promising results for improving the draw out of long-term results.

To date, there is no proof of long-lasting or further complications from having a permanent stent.

No, angioplasty is not viewed as a major medical procedure, as these techniques are regularly performed under cognizant and moderate sedation

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