Doctor Profile

Dr. Deepthi.K MBBS., MD.,D.N.B.,

1 Years Of Experience


MON- SAT | 08:00 AM – 4.00PM

M.B.B.S.  2007-2013, Coimbatore Medical  College.

M.D.Anaesthesiology2014 – 2017 Govt Stanley Medical College.

Passed with Gold Medal (In Department Medal Examination).

Diplomate National Board ;- 2017, December.

Special Interests :

Paediatric and Neonatal Anaesthesiology.

MBBS., MD.,D.N.B.,
1 Years Of Experience

Has exposure to upper limb nerve blockade at  Department of plastic

surgery, Govt Stanley Medical College.

Central and Arterial line

Venous cannulation

Candal blockade : paediatric.

Tamil, English, Hindi, French.