Doctor Profile

Dr. Suja Mariam MD (Paed), DM (Neonatology).,

4 Years Of Experience

Consultant Neonatologist

MON- SAT | 08:00 AM – 4.00PM

Finished her MBBS in PSGIMS&R Trained in neonatology in one of the best institute in the country Winner of “Dr Balagopal Raju child Enda Award” (Silver Mdeal), awarded by IAP at National Peicon held in Hyderabad in 2011 Member of NNF and IAP.

MD (Paed), DM (Neonatology).,
4 Years Of Experience

Expertise in managing extreme preterm neonates upto 23 weeks of gestation. Trained in Neonatal ventilation incubator HFO and volume controlled ventilation certified NPP Provider. Expert in neonatal central line and PICC line management Certified in neonatal functional Ectio and cranial UBG.

English, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi