Doctor Profile

Dr. Suresh Damodharan M.B.B.S., MRCP., (U.K.), CCST (Int-Medicine) (London), CCST (Diabetology and Endocrinology ) (London),

20 Years Of Experience

Consultant (Diabetology, Thyroid and Endocrinology)

MON- SAT | 08:00 AM – 4.00PM

  • CCST(London)2008 Endocrinology and Diabetes
  • CCST(London)2008     Internal Medicine
  • 2011          Certificate in Medical Education, University of Dundee, U.K.
  • October 2000        MRCP, K.
  • June 1994        MBBS, India
  • Recently received Donnell D. Etzwiler International Scholarship during the Rising Star Award program held by the International Diabetes Centre, Minnesota and Mayo Clinic, Rochester in Lisbon, Portugal on September 9, 2017
  • 1st prize in Medical and Paediatric Test in Final year Medical School
  • Special prize in Medical and Paediatric Test in Division Level Medical Schools
  • Distinction in Higher Secondary Exams [A level] in my District
  • Diabetes Awareness Initiative Award 2014
  • Consultant Endocrinologist SRH Coimbatore, India
  • Honorary Consultant –Derriford Hospital Plymouth UK
  • Honorary Consultant –PEH- Guernsey UK
  • Founder Director of the Endocrine Society of Coimbatore.

The Endocrine Society of Coimbatore

Founded the organization with an  aim to promote research in all forms for Endocrine conditions and Diabetes as well as seek establishment of collaborative studies with national and international organizations.

Established the society, along with three Endocrinologists as  office directors. It is the first of its kind in the region initiated by me, after identifying the need for interaction and transfer of knowledge between research and the clinical communities.

This is a non-profit academic & research organization with an intention to create awareness and update practical knowledge among General Practitioners and specialists in the field of Endocrinology and Diabetes. This has enlightened the working knowledge of rare Endocrine disorders among doctors in Tamil Nadu. The academic programs have significantly increased the diagnoses of endocrine disorders as a result of heightened awareness amongst General physicians, in & around Coimbatore region. Hence the courses have been recognised by the Tamil Nadu Medical Council awarding CPD points.


  • Working current as HOD in the Department of Diabetes & Endocrinology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore.


Latest Publications:-in 2017 

  • National Based Insulin – Evidence-based recommendations for insulin intensification strategies after basal insulin in type 2 diabetes Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews. Apr 2017

Publications:-in 2016

  • Imatinib altered calcium and phosphate homeostasis: A case study, Asian Journal of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Research, Issue 3 (Vol 5)2015, by Damodharan Suresh, Parsshava R Mehta, Sriram S, Karkuzhali PS.
  • Empirical 131 Iodine therapy in thyrotoxicosis based on 99m Tecnitium hyroid scan and gamma camera based uptake values, Thyroid research and Practice, Volume 11, Issue 2, by Damodharan Suresh, Shinto Ajith.S, K Koramadai et al.
  • Impact of Pharmaceutical Care Activities on Health related quality of life (HRQoL) of diabetic patients at a private corporate hospital, International Journal of Science and Research , Vol 4, Issue 10, by Damodharan Suresh, Sriram S, Arjun Akhila S, MA Latha, Raghuram Nandipati.
  • Review on Role of Sodium Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors (SGLT2) in Type 2 Diabetes, IOSR Journal of  Dental and Medical Science, Volume 14, Issue 7, by Damodharan Suresh, Sriram S, Jetto Dona M, Cherian Elisabeth S, GR Gayathri. 
  • Utility of 99mTc-Hynic-TOC in 131I Whole-Body Scan Negative thyroid cancer patients with elevated serum thyroglobulin levels, World Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Volume 14, Issue 2, Damodharan Suresh, Shinto Ajith.S, KK Kamaleshwaran et al.
  • A Rare Complication of Imatinib Altered Metabolic Homeostasis – A Case Study – IJEM
  • Post-Partum Hypocalcemia Secondary to Hypoparathyroidism during Early Lactation- A Case Report– IJEM
  • A Rare but Important Cause of Hypoglycemia – Auto Immune Hypoglycemia – A Case-Report– IJEM
  • Fibrocalcific pancreatitis (FCP) presenting in Children – Case Analysis– IJEM

Books Published

  • Metabolic consequences of Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome, Diabetes and Womens Health by Suresh Damodharan, Sarita Bajaj.
  • Pleiotropic effects of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase inhibitors, RSSDI Update – 2015, Chapter 79 by Suresh Damodharan, Parsshava.R.Mehta.

Academic Programme conducted:

  • Diabetes symposium at Coimbatore in Sep 2012 for 1day.
  • National level Diabetes update seminar at Salem in March 2013.
  • International Conference along with University of Portsmouth, UK at Coimbatore in Aug 2013  attended by the British Deputy High Commissioner Chennai, Mr Mike Nithavrianakis.
  • Diabetic Foot course in tie with The  European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in November 2013 at Coimbatore, presided over by Prof. Andrew Boulton, President of EASD.
  • Conducted international update conference in Jan2014 Diabetes and Endocrinology involving Endocrine scholars from Southend, UK
  • Conducted in  14 &15 March 2015 International Diabetes and Endocrinology Summit in Coimbatore
  • Conducted update conference Diabetes Summit in 12 th &13 th March 2016 in Coimbatore.
  • Part of academic and organizing committee for TRENDO 2014, 2015 & 2016. 

Current post

   Immediate past post (2011 – 2014) :-  Kovai Medical Centre Hospital, Coimbatore – Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology.


Grade Speciality Location From To Months
Honorary Consultant (in between substantive post) Diabetes &



Derriford Hospitals






Honorary Consultant (in between substantive post) Diabetes &



Guernsey Hospitals Nov




Honorary Consultant (in between substantive post) Diabetes &



Southend Hospital/Broomfield




May 2012 3
Honorary Consultant (in between substantive post) Diabetes &



Southend Hospital/Broomfield






Consultant Diabetes &



Southend Hospital/Broomfield


Jan 2010 Jan


 Consultant Diabetes Endocrinology


Ashford & St. Peters Hospitals, Surrey Dec 2008 Dec







Grade Speciality Location From To Months
SpR Diabetes &



University College of London Hospitals, London Oct 2007 Oct


SpR Diabetes &



Basildon and Thurrock NHS Trusts, Basildon


Apr 2007





SpR Diabetes &



Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead


Apr 2006 Mar 2007 12
SpR Diabetes &



North Middlesex Hospital, Edmonton


Oct 2005 Mar 2006 6
SpR Diabetes &



Mid Essex hospitals, Chelmsford


Oct 2004 Sep 2005 12
SpR Diabetes &



Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow


Aug 2003 Sep 2004 14
SpR Diabetes &



Northwick Park Hospital, London


Aug 2002 Aug 2003 12



Intensive Care


Northwick Park Hospital, London Feb 2002 Aug 2002 6


General Medicine Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire


Aug 2001 Feb 2002 6
SHO Endocrinology Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire


Feb 2001 Aug 2001 6
SHO Elderly Medicine Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire


Aug 2000 Feb 2001 6
SHO Cardiology, Haematology Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire


Feb 2000 Aug 2000 6
SHO Respiratory Medicine Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire


Aug 1999 Feb 2000 6
SHO Integrated Medicine Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire


Feb 1999 Aug 1999 6
SHO Clinical Oncology Western General Hospital, Edinburgh


Aug 1998 Feb 1999 6


Ashford and St. Peters Hospital


  • Managed 20-26 bedded medical inpatients for Maple and outlying ward throughout my tenure in ASPH.
  • Performed a 1:15 acute medical on call take
  • Initiated and coordinated the Wednesday lunch time (Endocrinology / General Medicine) teaching programme for the junior and ward staff.
  • In the eight months, I was the educational supervisor for two sets (4 months each) of juniors including two FY1 and two ST1, I set up their educational goals and implemented their training needs.
  • Involved and guided the SpR /ST3 in helping him to achieve his General Medical and speciality training needs.
  • Actively co-ordinated the post clinic endocrine team meeting on Monday afternoons.
  • Eagerly participated and provided my input in improving diabetic foot services and DIAMOND diabetic database.



Acute medicine 

  • Over 10-years experience of undertaking acute unselected medical take. Usually involves the role of a team leader while participating in resuscitations and supervising and managing the on call medical team.
  • As a senior house officer and 1 st year of specialist registrar worked in the on call system with 1:5 to 1:6 on call in weekdays and combined weekend on call. Currently working in partial shift system 4 weeks of acute medicine on call in every 12 weeks.
  • I have managed an acute medical ward with 24-28 acute beds. I undertook 3 ward rounds per week. On average we had 40 admissions per take
  • Two general out patient clinics per week with 5 new and 13 old patients per session
  • Six months of modular intensive care training at the Northwick Park Hospital has improved my understanding of invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support, rationalization of ionotropy and renal replacement therapy and refined my procedural skills.
  • I am frequently responsible for making decisions involving ethical issues often in liaison with peers and senior colleagues.


  • During my SpR training at teaching hospitals, I have acquired valuable experience in conducting dedicated endocrinology out-patient clinics, often involving tertiary referral of complex endocrinological disorders.
  • During my placement at the district general hospitals, I had excellent exposure in the management of patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome, electrolyte imbalances, thyroid and adrenal disorders.
  • Organised and conducted endocrine testing (insulin tolerance test, glucagon test, TRH test) and organized meeting to discuss the results.
  • I have experience in the perioperative management of complex endocrine surgeries like phaeochromocytomas, thyroid, parathyroid surgery, insulinoma, Conns’ syndrome and pituitary surgeries.
  • Also had wonderful experience in attending the specialist clinics like pituitary (queens square), thyroid cancer, reproductive, turners, intersex and congenital adrenal hyperplasia and pregnant endocrine disorders.
  • Gained valuable experience in inpatient consult service. 

Diabetes and metabolism 

  • Excellent experience in managing complicated and uncomplicated type 1 and type 2 diabetics both in inpatient and outpatient set up.
  • Experience in providing inpatient consult service in managing complicated and non complicated diabetics to other specialities.
  • Experience in the following specialist diabetic clinics – antenatal diabetes clinics, diabetes renal, adolescent diabetic clinics and insulin pump clinics.
  • Experience in managing diabetic foot patients both in inpatient and outpatient set up.


      I am competent in the following procedures 

  • Abdominal paracentesis
  • Inter costal drainage
  • Central Venous Cannulation
  • Pleural biopsy
  • Bone marrow biopsy
  • Electrical Cardio version
  • Arterial line
  • Vascular cath
  • Temporary pacing wire insertion
  • Oesophageal Doppler


  • Initiated and coordinated the Wednesday lunch time (Endocrinology / General Medicine) teaching programme for the junior and ward staff. 
  • Undertaking distance learning towards “Post Graduate Certificate In Medical Education (PGCME)” from Dundee University. I aim to pursue this further towards a diploma.
  • Actively involved in teaching clinical examination skills to candidates who appeared for May 2008, Oct2008 and March2009 part2 MRCP PACES.
  • Organised mock clinical exam for 3 PACES candidates in Feb. 2008.
  • Organise and chair the endocrine unit’s Thursday Lunch time teaching sessions at Basildon university hospital.
  • Medical Students attached to Prof. Betteridge. I have taken responsibility to organise teaching two sessions per week, on Monday and Friday mornings. One session in ‘practical hypoglycaemia’ and another in ward based teaching. 
  • Organised diabetic and endocrinology Monday and Thursday lunch time meetings in Royal Free hospital (2006 – 2007)
  • Instrumental in organising and participating in General Practitioners’ Diabetes training day in Royal Free hospital and north Middlesex hospitals. (2006– 2007) 
  • Teacher/trainer at “intensive glycaemic control in type1 diabetics by diet and exercise.” A 6 week intensive course for patients runs by the dietetic department at the Royal Free Hospital (2006 – 2007). 
  • Contributed to online MCQ bank at the Royal Free and MRCP part 1 question banks (2006 – 2007). 
  • Dedicated sessions in teaching final year medical students “Practical hypoglycaemia” in Royal Free hospital whilst performing endocrine testing in Royal Free hospital on Fridays. (2006 – 2007). 
  • Active participation in teaching nurses (both practice and ward nurses), in the diabetes training day course in Broomfield hospital, north Middlesex, Royal Free and Basildon hospitals (2004 – 2007).
  • Organised and conducted teaching for MRCP part2 candidates (2001 – 2006). 
  • Organised and chaired breakfast multidisciplinary team meeting whilst working in North Middlesex Hospital (2005 – 2006). 
  • Dedicated sessions(2 hours) in Broomfield hospital teaching Bart’s third year students every Tuesday morning (diabetes and endocrine curriculum, 2004 – 2005) 
  • Teaching faculty for final year course imperial college medical students while working as SPR at Northwick Park Hospital (2002 – 2004).


  • Thyroid Sonography ‘hands-on’ workshop, May 2007, American Endocrine Society, Toronto


  • DAFNE course, April 2008  UCLH, London 
  • Advanced Life Support Course, October 2010,Southend Hospital 
  • Management skills course, September 2006, Royal Free hospital, London
  • Medicine Update (Royal College of Physicians), January 2005,Basildon
  • Advanced endocrine course, September 2004,Oxford 
  • Medical emergencies course (Royal College of Physicians), February 2004,London
  • Advanced PG Diabetic course, July 2003, Exeter
  • Endocrine summer school, July 2003,Manchester
  • Advanced endocrine course (European), September 2003, Oxford
  • Advances in Diabetes (Royal College of physicians), December 2003,Edinburgh
  • Oesophageal Doppler course, August 2002 ,Northwick Park Hospital, London
  • Advanced cardiac life support course, May 2002 Royal Brompton hospital, London




  • National Based Insulin – Evidence-based recommendations for insulin intensification strategies after basal insulin in type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews. Apr 2017

  • Expert opinion in the publication of Lipid Association of India Expert Consensus Statement Part 2 – 2016
  • Principal Investigator for “A drug utilization review of Galvus (Vildagliptin) and GalvusMet (Vildagliptin plus Metformin fixed-drug combination) in type 2 diabetes mellitus” as per protocol number CLAF237AIN05, Version 00 dated: 02 Feb 2016
  • Trial Coordinator for STAMP AF Trial (Short Term Amiodarone in the Prevention Of Atrial Fibrillation Following Cardio Version). Pilot Study Randomised double blinded placebo controlled trial. As a Trial Coordinator, I was involved in selecting the patients, obtaining informed consent randomising the patient issuing the tablets with the help of Pharmacist, performing Cardio version after baseline investigations and following up the patients.
  • During my time at Northwick Park, (2002 to 2003) I undertook a research project entitled “Advanced glycated end products and its effects on arterial stiffness”. I looked at selected 40 type 2 diabetics on various medications, mixed races checking their arterial stiffness by measuring their augmentation index non-invasively by a spygmocor. The data has been presented in the local forum and the results have formed the basis of further investigations and product development by the pharmaceutical companies.
  • Abstract presentation, ‘Persistent Hungry bone Syndrome after parathyroidectomy for parathyroid adenomas in a patient with MEN1 Syndrome’, by Damodharan Suresh, Pierre Marc Bouloux, Royal Free Hospital, London ENDO2007,Toronto, Canada. 
  • Abstract presentation, ’Recurrent Lymphocytic Hypophysitis In Pregnancy responsive to steroids‘, by  Damodharan Suresh, Dr. Stephanie Baldeweg, University College London hospitals London, BES, April 2008,Harrogate.
  • Case Report presentation on,’ Hypoglycaemia, ketosis and lactic acidosis in a 17 year old – atypical presentation of an inborn error of metabolism’ by Damodharan Suresh, Professor P Bouloux, Royal free hospital, London, BES, April 2008, Harrogate.
  • Abstract presentation,’ Malignant Nelson Syndrome treated with Chemotherapy’ by Damodharan Suresh, Dr. Stephanie Baldeweg , University College London hospitals London, BES ,April 2008,Harrogate.
  • Abstract presentation,’ Insulin tolerance test for checking growth hormone and cortisol reserve – ` our experience ‘by Damodharan Suresh, Dr. Gerry Conway, University college London hospitals, London American Endocrine Meeting, Sanfrancisco, and June 2008.
  • Abstract  presentation, ’Cushing’s diseases patient treated with bilateral adrenalectomy  malignant nelsons syndrome  received Temozolomide and Capecitabine’ by Damodharan Suresh, Chithambaram Nethaji, University college London hospital, London, American Endocrine society meeting, Sanfrancisco, June 2008.
  • Abstract presentation,’ Autoimmune pancreatitis causing panhypopituitarism secondary to  lymphocytic Hypophysitis ’ by  Damodharan Suresh, Gerry Conway Clinico Pathological Meeting,RCP, London March 2008.
  • ‘Natural history of CHARGE syndrome in adults’ by Dr.Suresh, Dr. Clementina la rosa ,Dr. Gerard Conway ,UCLH, London BES 2009 ,Harrogate
  • Case report of ‘Atypical presentation of fructose 1, 6 diphosphatase deficiency in an adult’, by Damodharan Suresh, Pierre Marc Bouloux, Royal Free Hospital, London. Currently assessing genetic analysis.
  • Cerebral involvement in autoimmune pancreatitis/IgG4 systemic disease.’ By D.Suresh;  GJM Webster, R Jager, S Hurel; BR Davidson; SP Pereira; A Winstanley, MJ Deheregoda; Losseff Departments of Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, and Pathology, University College London    Hospitals; The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen  Square; Department of Surgery, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK.
  • A case of severe hyperparathyroidism with brown tumour and vitamin D deficiency treated as simple bone cyst’ abstract presentation by Damodharan Suresh, Chithambaram Nethaji, Penny Hyatt & Neil Halliday. BES 2009 Harrogate.
  • Oral presentation ‘Sjogrens Syndrome with Renal Tubular Acidosis and Central Pontine myelinolysis’ by Kathryn Watson, Damodharan Suresh ,Sureshni Defonseka, UCLH London ,in Rheumatology 2009 Annual meeting ,Glasgow May 2009.
  • Poster presentation, ‘ extra intestinal manifestation of autoimmune pancreatitis ’ by George Webster, Damodharan Suresh, UCLH London, Digestive week in Chicago Illinois June 2009
  • Abstract presentation ‘The effects of treatment of decreased faecal elastase in diabetic patients’ Annual professional conference Diabetes U.K March 2010
  • Abstract presentation on ‘Challenges in managing Lithium induced diabetes insipidus’ Society of Endocrinology, BES 2010, Dr.D.Suresh, Dr.D.Sennik St Peters Hospitals, Chertsey
  • Abstract presentation on ‘Prevalence & Challenges in managing primary hyper parathyroidism associated with Vitamin D deficiency – DGH experience’, Society of Endocrinology, BES 2010. Dr.D.Suresh, Dr.D.Sennik St Peters Hospitals Cherts 
  • Late presentation of Myasthenia Gravis -Accepted for publication  as an article in BMJ October 2009.
  • Abstract presentation on usefulness of measuring faecal elastase in a poorly controlled  Diabetic Patients. Diabetes UK 2010; Annual professional conference
  • Abstract presentation on ‘Challenges in managing Lithium induced diabetes insipidus’ Society of Endocrinology, BES 2010
  • Abstract presentation on Prevalence & Challenges in managing primary hyper parathyroidism associated with Vitamin D deficiency – DGH experience, Society of Endocrinology, BES 2010.   
  • Presented regional Diabetes inpatient audit (Surrey PCT) in local Endocrine team meeting.
  • Contributed to ABCD Database for the patients on Byetta and insulin.
  • Usefulness of measuring faecal elastase in type 1 diabetic patients.
  • Actively involved in improving the performance shown by Maple Ward regarding thromboprophylaxis for medical inpatients.


  • A 24 week prospective non-interventional Post Marketing Surveillance Study on Adverse Events and Serous Adverse Events in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in India being started on Dulaglutide ( TrulicityTM)
  • A phase 3 study coming up in India-A Randomized, Double-Blind Study Comparing the Effect of Once-Weekly Dulaglutide with Placebo in Pediatric Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Randomized, active-controlled, multicenter, parallel-group, open-label study to assess whether glycaemic control offered by inhaled insulin plus basal insulin is comparable to subcutaneous regular human insulin plus basal insulin in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus inadequately controlled on oral hypoglycemic therapy
  • A Phase IV post marketing safety study of Teneligliptin Tablets in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. 


  • Diabetes, UK
  • Society for Endocrinology
  • MPS, UK
  • Endocrine Society
  • The Association of Physicians’ of India
  • Medical Council of India
M.B.B.S., MRCP., (U.K.), CCST (Int-Medicine) (London), CCST (Diabetology and Endocrinology ) (London),
20 Years Of Experience

a. Adrenal Disease
b. Growth Hormone Disorder (Adolescent & Adult)
c. Hypogonadism – Testosterone Deficiency
d. Hormone Replacement Therapy
e. Pituitary Dysfunctions
f. Thyroid disorders
g. Parathyroid disorders
h. Calcium metabolism disorder
i. Sexual Dysfunction
j. Obesity
k. Hypertension
l. Diabetes prevention & treatment
m. Gestational Diabetes management
n. Risk factor management in – coronary artery disease
o. Nutritional Pharmacology & Metabolic Syndrome

English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam