Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Coimbatore

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Coimbatore

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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Coimbatore
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery is a surgery intended to open the natural drainage pathways of the sinuses in patients primarily suffering from acute or chronic sinusitis. This surgery helps in restoring the health and functionality of these pathways. Other reasons for this surgery can be nasal polyps, swollen tissues, or tumors.
  • It is a minimally invasive chronic sinus infection surgery effective in treating sinus blockages.

What are the Symptoms
of Chronic Sinusitis

In this condition, you suffer from persistent infection and inflammation in the lining of your sinuses. You may experience symptoms like:

Symptomsof Chronic Sinusitis

Nasal congestion

Symptomsof Chronic Sinusitis


Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis


Facial pressure

Runny nose


Discoloured nasal discharge

Altered sense of smell


Why is Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Conducted?

With the help of endoscopic sinus surgery, a sinus specialist clears the delicate bone and mucous membranes, which obstruct the drainage pathways.

When Should You Seek Medical Treatment?

Most patients get relief from the symptoms of chronic sinusitis through medications. However, some patients may reach a stage where medicines fail to provide the necessary respite, and the symptoms aggravate.

A sinus surgery doctor recommends this surgery to:

  • Improve the symptoms related to sinusitis
  • Lessen the frequency of sinus infections
  • Alleviate the severity of the condition
  • Improve airflow through the nose

What are the Ways to
Diagnose Infected Sinuses?

To diagnose sinus infections, a sinus specialist first examines the inside of your nose with a flashlight and speculum.

Your doctor may advise some lab tests:

  • Evaluation of the nasal drainage by collecting a sample via swab
  • Allergy testing, especially if you have recurring sinus infections or chronic sinusitis
  • Blood tests including CBC, C-reactive protein, erythrocyte sedimentation rate

In some cases, the doctor may also choose X-ray and CT (computed tomography) scans.


In some cases, the doctor may also choose X-ray and CT (computed tomography) scans.

How is Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Performed?

In a chronic sinus infection surgery, the surgeons:


Can choose either general or local anaesthesia


Pass an endoscope (thin fibre-optic tube with a camera attached) through your nose to access sinus cavities


Then, insert other surgical instruments and micro telescopes


Use these tools to remove the damaged tissues, bones, or polyps and clear the blockages


Take out the surgical tools and put dissolvable nasal packing to complete the procedure

There is not much visible scarring, and the recovery is fast too. Further, endoscopic sinus surgery cost is comparatively reasonable.

Our Department’s Experience

Our ENT department has treated over 20000+ patients with ENT Problems over the last 49 years. Our team of highly experienced ENT Specialists will ensure you receive the best Endoscopic Sinus Surgery treatment.

Why Choose Sri Ramakrishna Hospital?

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Medical Service

hospital - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

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Our Doctors and their Experience

Our team of highly experienced ENT Specialist have immense experience in endoscopic sinus surgery

Doctor Image

Dr. K . Raja Shanmugam is a Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 29 years of experience and is a specialist with extensive experience in endoscopic sinus surgeries.

Dr. K. Raja Shanmugam
Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon

Doctor Image

She has high clinical experience of over 9 years in handling otology, rhinology, laryngology cases. And is skilled in offering skull base surgery, head and neck treatments, and Minor surgical procedures.

Dr. P. Sahana

What Our Patients Are Saying


I was suffering from blocked sinuses, which was causing breathing trouble. There was a lot of sinus pressure, and the headaches made me feel miserable. Getting an endoscopic sinus surgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital turned out to be the best decision for me. The sinus surgery doctor ensured that my treatment and recovery were smooth. I had pain only on the first day, and the antibiotics took care of the post-surgery infection. Also, I found the sinus operation cost reasonable here.


I cannot thank the sinus specialist at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital enough for the successful infected sinus treatment. My sinus headaches were far worse than the post-surgery discomfort. It is 7-weeks now, my sinuses are clear, there is no stuffiness or pain, and I am back to work. I was a bit apprehensive about the cost, but the endoscopic sinus surgery cost is affordable at this hospital.

Nithya Vasudevan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take time off from your work., Discuss your queries with your surgeon, Stop smoking 2-3 weeks before the surgery, Mention any medications that you take daily, Avoid eating or drinking anything past midnight

You may have mild bleeding for 1-2 days and fatigue for about two weeks. The doctor gives you antibiotics for the pain. Follow-up visits are necessary every week, during which the surgeon cleans the dried mucous and blood. Your doctor prescribes a nasal spray to reduce inflammation and advises you to do salt water washes.

Must not blow your nose, Need to avoid bending, lifting heavy objects, and straining yourself, Must not indulge in exercising, Can start light walking after a week, Must take 1-2 weeks off from your work

A delay in infected sinus treatment can lead to potentially serious complications like: Spread to your eyes that can cause swelling, redness, impaired vision; cause blindness as well. Cause meningitis or brain abscess if it reaches your brain. Both these conditions can be life-threatening.

Ensure that you sleep in an elevated position (30-45 degrees) for the first two weeks. Keep pillows behind your neck and back. It controls the swelling and also helps with the bleeding.

The cost of endoscopic sinus surgery depends mainly on the patient's severity, associated comorbidities and hospital charges. We offer endoscopic sinus surgery at reasonable cost that can fit your needs accordingly.

The space between, behind, or above your eyes may hurt or feel pressured if the maxillary sinuses are infected. You might have puffiness, swelling in the eyes, and watery eyes in addition to eye pain. Temporary vision impairment may result from eye swelling and watering

Indeed, jaw and ear pain can be brought on by sinusitis. This is due to the fact that Eustachian tube, a tiny passageway, connects the ears and sinuses. A buildup of pressure in your ears can occur when the Eustachian tube becomes blocked due to inflammation and blockage of the sinuses.


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