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What is hip replacement?

Hip joint replacement that involves replacement of the damaged portions of your hip joint are removed and replaced with parts made of metal, ceramic, or very hard plastic. This prosthesis (artificial joint) aids in the relief of pain and the improvement of function. If your hip pain is interfering with your daily activities and nonsurgical treatments haven't helped or are no longer effective, hip replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty, may be an option for you. The most significant reason for hip replacement is arthritis.

Diagnosis of Hip replacement:

Prior to deciding on treatment, the hip joint specialist will analyze the condition during the diagnosis. The specialist may recommend the accompanying tests and obtain information about your overall injury in order to analyze the situation.

Medical History : Your orthopedic surgeon will ask questions about your general health and the amount of your hip discomfort, as well as how it impacts your ability to do daily tasks.

Physical Examination : This physical examination will assess hip mobility, strength, and alignment.

X-rays : These X-ray images aid in determining the amount of your hip's injury or deformity.

Other Tests : Other tests, such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, may be required in some cases to determine the quality of your hip's bone and soft tissues.

Treatment options for Hip Replacement:

Generally hip replacement comes as the last option for people who are dealing with severe pain and any of the conventional methods does not show any significant relief. Depending on the damage and the results of the diagnostic tests the best hip orthopedic surgeon may suggest a treatment that well suits your condition, the treatment options that are available for hip replacement.

Total Hip Replacement : The most common hip operation is total hip replacement. It replaces the entire hip structure with artificial components. They use an artificial cup to replace the natural socket in the hip joint and a ball to replace the head of the femur.

Partial Hip Replacement : The femoral head, or ball at the top of the femur, or thighbone, is removed and replaced in a partial hip replacement. It is not a substitute for the socket. The top of a stem is linked to a ceramic or metal ball, which is put into the hollow center of the femur.

Hip Resurfacing : The femoral head, or ball at the top of the femur, or thighbone, is removed and replaced in a partial hip replacement. It is not considered a replacement for the socket. The top of a stem is linked to a ceramic or metal ball, which is put into the hollow center of the femur.

Hip replacement is also performed through arthroscopic procedures that are also available to minimize the postoperative pain and for less recovery time.

Frequently Asked Questions

In arthroscopic procedures, a tiny cut is made and through the help of an arthroscope the damaged area is viewed. The damaged part is then carefully removed and the prosthetic implant is inserted in the area. Hip transplant cost can depend on the factors like the expertise of the doctor performing it and the hospital.

The anterior hip replacement surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. A 3 to 4 inch incision on the front of the hip permits the joint to be replaced by pulling muscles apart along their normal tissue planes without removing any tendons. After hip replacement, this strategy frequently leads to a faster recovery, fewer discomfort, and more normal function.

If you're having a lot of discomfort in your damaged area, your mobility will be severely limited. This is especially true if your daily tasks are being hampered by the pain. Even with pharmaceuticals and home cures, the pain does not seem to go away.

Total hip replacement, partial hip replacement, and arthroscopic hip replacement are the three types of hip injuries that can be treated, depending on the injury and severity.

There are several indicators that might help you identify a hip injury and begin treatment right away. Swelling, pain, and inability to walk, stiffness, instability, hip weakness, numbness in the affected area, and inability to stand with weight on legs are all symptoms of a hip injury.

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