“Infant gets a new lease of life , rescued from a near death scenario, Complex Open heart surgery saves the life of the child at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital”

A 30 day old, 3 kg child suffered cardiac arrest immediately after admission at Ramakrishna Hospital. The child was referred for surgery for a complex heart problem namely Infracardiac Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection. With simultaneous resuscitative measures like External Cardiac Massage, the child underwent an emergency complex open heart procedure to correct the heart condition.The surgery was performed by a team of Doctors namely, Dr. Vijay Sadasivam, Dr. Thiagarajamurthy, Dr. Narendera Menon, Dr. Sujith, Dr. Kribuanand. Dr. Devaprasath was the cardiologist who diagnosed the heart ailment. Post operatively the child was effectively managed by Neonatalogists, Dr. Suja and Dr. Siddharth. The child was discharged in a stable clinical status with a normal heart structure. Only very few patient with this ailment have been operated successfully in the city so far. This child like many other children and adults have gained a new lease of life because of the dedicated hard work of a team of doctors at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital


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