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What is referred to as Jaundice?

Icterus, which is another name for jaundice, makes your skin and the whites of your eyes turn yellow. Excess bilirubin, a yellow chemical found in haemoglobin, causes the condition. As old red blood cells die, the body makes new ones to take their place. The liver gets rid of the old ones, but bilirubin builds up in the body if the liver can't keep up with the breakdown of blood cells. It can also indicate a serious underlying liver abnormality.

Major causes that can lead to Jaundice :

Different types of Jaundice:

Jaundice is categorized into 3 major types, they include:

Signs of Jaundice :

Diagnostic procedures to identify the condition:

Urine Test:

  • The presence of bilirubin in the patient's urine indicates conjugated jaundice
  • Serum tests should be used to verify the results of the urinalysis.
  • Serum testing will check for CBC and bilirubin levels. Your jaundice doctor will also assess the size and tenderness of your liver.

Treatment methods to treat the condition:

Instead of treating the symptoms of jaundice, jaundice doctors look for the underlying reason. For instance:

  • Antiviral medicines are used to treat hepatocellular jaundice treatment.
  • Certain supplements are used to treat hemolytic jaundice.
  • Surgery to remove the obstruction is followed by medication to treat obstructive jaundice.

Jaundice treatment for children:

Babies need phototherapy. This exposes the baby's skin to blue light. Baby-safe "bili lights" The light stimulates a chemical reaction in the skin that removes bilirubin through urine and feces. Phototherapy for jaundice can be divided into two categories:

Jaundice _Treatment_for_children

Conventional phototherapy

The baby is put on a bed with bili lights above it. These lamps give off a unique blue light. During phototherapy, soft eye patches keep the baby's eyes safe.

Jaundice _Treatment_for_children

Fiberoptic phototherapy

A "bili blanket" tool is used to do this treatment. It is a soft pad with blue lights inside for phototherapy. Consult your specialist for infant jaundice treatment in case your child is dealing with the condition.

FAQ Questions? Answered!

The eyes and skin whites turn yellow in those with jaundice. You must get immediate medical attention because it may be an indication of a more serious condition, such as liver disease. Speak to your specialist to understand the jaundice test price.
Jaundice often signals liver, gallbladder, or pancreas illness. Too much bilirubin can cause jaundice. This condition can affect infants. Too many red blood cells perish in hemolysis (hemolysis).
Kernicterus can develop if severe jaundice is left untreated for an extended period. When a baby's blood contains excessive amounts of bilirubin, it can lead to a condition known as kernicterus, which is characterized by brain damage.
Jaundice commonly appears in a baby's first two days and lasts two weeks. The disease lasts 5 to 7 days after premature infants develop jaundice.
Jaundice is not a contagious disease. It cannot spread from person to person. But hepatitis virus causing jaundice, one of the major reasons for jaundice, is highly present in contaminated water and food.
The cost of recovering from jaundice varies greatly depending on a number of factors, including the severity of the ailment, the underlying cause, the type of therapy necessary, and the healthcare practitioner.

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