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From precise diagnosis to specially tailored treatment plans, our expert team of oncologists are dedicated to guide you in every step of your fight with cancer. Our team of oncologists stand by your side offering compassionate care. Your path to recovery begins with us. Schedule a consultation today and let us be your companion in the battle of cancer.

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Cancer Care Centre Coimbatore - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital


SRIOR is the only cancer care centre in Tamil Nadu, South of Chennai to start with all the three modalities of Cancer core ie., Medical, Surgical and Radiation under one roof.

A Jewel on the crown of SRIOR is the free Cancer ward run for Children where not only medicines, treatment, bed charges and food will be provided free of Cost.

Screening and awareness camps form an important aspect of our programme.

We have covered only a few miles ; there are still many more to go……

Digital Cancer Awareness

Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer in Indians today; over 80% of the world population has fallen prey. Along with various preventive advertisements and warnings with a vision of a tobacco-free world, we have come forward with a unique initiative to put an end to tobacco. Learn how you can take the bold step to quit and safeguard your lungs from cancer through our digital flipbooks.

Palliative care at Pachapalayam:-

Patients with cancer require palliative care. It plays a major role in people trying to combat the deadly condition. Palliative care aids in healing the patients from inside. To make Palliative care accessible, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has opened a sub-center at Pachapalayam.

Digital Infographics Web Book

Digital Infographics Web Book - World No Tobacco Day

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Oncology Department Brochure - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

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Oncology Treatment and Procedures

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Frequently Asked Questions

What disorders are involved in the oncology department?
Many childhood malignancies have made great progress in terms of prevention, treatment, and prognosis thanks to advances in oncology, the study of cancer and tumours. But despite these advances, cancer is still the primary killer of young people worldwide. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital treats both benign and malignant tumours. From the simplest and complex types of cancer with surgical, radiation, and nuclear types of treatments helping the patients recover with any complications.
Melanoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, breast, prostate, testicular, cervical, and thyroid cancers have the highest relative 5-year survival rates. Cancer is a condition that causes cells in some places of the body to proliferate and replicate uncontrolled.
There should be no discomfort during the delivery of IV chemotherapy. If you're in pain, get your IV line checked by the nurse who is caring for you. This is an exception if the medicine enters the surrounding tissues due to a leak.
Sessions of chemotherapy might last anything from five minutes to eight hours or more. It is completely reliant on the chemotherapy treatment plan. During chemotherapy, your nurse will monitor your vital signs and make sure you aren't experiencing any side effects from the medications.
The type and stage of cancer, the type of treatment available, and other factors all influence whether a person's cancer can be cured. Some malignancies are more likely than others to be cured. However, each malignancy must be treated differently.
Cancer is a disease that happens when cells divide without control and spread to other parts of the body. Changes to DNA lead to cancer. Most changes to DNA that cause cancer happen in parts of DNA called genes. Gene changes are another name for these changes.


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