Medical Tourism Certification - MTQUA

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Aims to be The Heart Of Medical Tourism in South India with International Medical Tourism Accreditation

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in Coimbatore, India, tops a year of growth and expansion with certification from US-based Medical Travel Quality Alliance MTQUA for best practices in care, services and support for medical tourists and international patients.

“We are extremely pleased to receive the MTQUA certification for our hospital because of its increasing popularity among medical travelers,” said R Vijayakumhar, Managing Trustee. “MTQUA certification is vital for the hospital to reinforce the trust of the medical traveler in the authenticity and fair-trade practices of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.”

A Strong Alternative To India's Major Corporate Chains

“It is time to draw the medical traveler’s attention to places and hospitals outside of New Delhi, and for facilitators to look past the obvious choices,” said Julie Munro, president of MTQUA.

“Medical tourists need to know about the superb quality of care and treatment at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, and the exceptional value they will find. Despite its location in the heart of southern India, it’s surprisingly convenient to get here, via Cochin, Mumbai, or Bangalore,” she said.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital - A Special Hospital with a Unique Purpose

The hospital spent almost one year reviewing existing operations and putting in place procedures and policies that met the international standards and best practices set by MTQUA.

The US-based organization studied the hospital’s internet marketing, communication procedures, privacy and security measures, multicultural sensitivity, International Patient Services department, care support services and certain operations and business procedures that influence the quality of treatment and care a medical tourist receives.

“Hospitals that ignore these differences take the chance that patient outcomes will not be as good as they should be, and that, instead of being cured, patients may have more health problems later,” said Munro.

A Not-for-profit Family Foundation

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital (Multi-Specialty) was founded in 1975 in Coimbatore, the traditional textile capital of South India by SNR Sons Charitable Trust. This non-profit family-led trust is committed to the uplifting of society through healthcare and education. Among the institutions founded and run by the trust, the crown jewel is Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, which it has operated since the start. Its new super specialty wing with 230 beds is a “green hospital” built to global standards, providing high quality healthcare in a deluxe setting at reasonable prices

“It is an honor for us to receive the MTQUA certification for Sri Ramakrishna hospital. This certificate will go far in all are endeavors in medical tourism and reaffirm international patient’s confidence in policy and procedures in our hospital,” said C V Ramkumar, CEO, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.