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Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s Department of Plastic Surgery is a well-equipped facility with advanced technology. Our Plastic surgeons are skilled experts offering treatment to correct various abnormalities and restoring the quality of life. From diagnosis, treatment to recovery our surgeons are with you in every step. Book your consultation today with our experts.

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Best Plastic Surgeon in Coimbatore with Expertise in Aesthetic Transformations

The Department of Plastic Surgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital comprises the best plastic surgeons in Coimbatore specializing in reconstructive surgery of the Hands and of Burn injuries. Our American Board fellowship-trained hand surgeon has immense experience in managing all hand conditions.

Our plastic surgeons have extensive experience treating and rehabilitating burn injuries that affect both physical and psychological levels. Our first aim is always to ensure functional recovery but we know that the aesthetics of the human body hugely impact our ability to function in society.

Our best plastic surgeon in Coimbatore hosts surgical and non-surgical solutions for patients who have been crippled by burns and trauma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you undergo hand surgery to change the way it looks?
Hand surgery is a vast term that refers to a variety of procedures. The goal of plastic surgeons who specialize in hand surgery is to restore the use of the hand and fingers. Hand surgeons, on the other hand, strive to make the hand appear as normal as possible.
The majority of cosmetic surgery patients report little discomfort in the days following their treatment. However, the vast majority of people who have had liposuction, whether with or without other plastic surgery treatments, experience pain as a result of their procedure. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has one of the best plastic surgeons in the state. They are well-experienced in performing advanced procedures with no complications.
Scar Revision Surgery is a cosmetic surgery done to make scars look better and help them blend in with the healthy skin around them. Scar revision surgery can't get rid of scars for good. It just makes them less noticeable and more hidden.
The effects of cosmetic surgery, like anything else, do not stay permanently. While cosmetic surgery has a longer-lasting effect than non-surgical aesthetic treatments, most procedures have a shelf life of a few years to more than a decade.
In the days after your rhinoplasty, you'll have swelling, bruises, and maybe even a little bit of bleeding. Everyone's pain tolerance is different, but most people say they only feel mild pain after surgery. Most patients find it more disorienting to feel like they are "stuffed up."
Breast Reduction, also called Reduction Mammaplasty, is a clinical procedure that removes the breast's extra fat, skin, and tissue. A person can have surgery to make their breasts smaller if they want to.
The cost of plastic surgery patients ranges from a child who has a congenital disability to an older person exhibiting signs of aging on their skin or a person who has just recovered from injury and is looking to have the scar removed completely. Our staff will evaluate your exact demands, assuring transparency and offering a thorough cost breakdown depending on your specific medical requirements.


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