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What causes a heart attack?

Myocardial infarction is considered a serious medical emergency that requires immediate medical assistance to avoid a fatality. Heart attack is a condition that occurs due to interrupted blood supply to the heart. Interruption in blood supply may be due to various reasons, the most common reason being the arteries have blockages. A lack of blood supply can lead to muscle death, and it eventually results in a heart attack that will require emergency heart attack treatment at a hospital nearby.

heart attack hospital in Coimbatore

How can a heart attack be identified and diagnosed?

Though heart attacks do not show any early symptoms before the onset of aheart attack, they can be associated with a few symptoms like:

Chest pain
Severe difficulty in breathing
Discomfort in the stomach
Feeling of anxiety
Profuse sweating
Fluctuations in the heartbeat

These signs can help in detecting a heart attack prior to it becoming severe. To analyze the condition,the cardiologist may require one to undergo a few diagnostic tests that can help determine theheart s severity and condition.

Diagnosis before heart attack treatment:

The specialist may ask about the family’s history of health conditions with regards to cardiac health.These lab tests involve determining heart condition:

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Blood Tests
Heart MRI

What is involved in heart attack emergency treatment?

As one begins to notice attack symptoms, it is important to bring the person who experienced the heart attack to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment. After proper analyses of the condition and a few diagnostic tests, the specialist may recommend treatment that well suits the patient’s condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment for heart attack involves angioplasty and bypass surgery. Angioplasty is a procedure that utilizes a balloon and a stent to treat the condition in balloon angioplasty where a blown balloon is passed through the arteries to break the blockages. Stent is placed in conditions where there is a high chance of recurrence. Bypass is a complex surgery where the blockages are removed and the arteries are kept in place.

There are various risk factors associated with heart attack. Men above the age of 45 are at greater risk than women to get affected with heart attack. Heart attacks can be inherited through family generations. Lifestyle also plays a major role in heart attack.

Men are less likely to show signs before the onset of attack, in women, there are high chances to show signs like troubled breathing, heart palpitations, discomfort in the chest, chest pain, and anxiety are likely to begin before the heart attack.

Heart attack is medically termed as myocardial infarction, and it is considered a serious medical emergency condition that requires medical assistance immediately to avoid fatality. Heart attack is a condition which occurs due to interrupted blood supply to the heart.

Once the person is brought to the hospital, the patient is supplied with oxygen and an immediate electrocardiogram is recommended to analyse the heart beat. After the necessary diagnosis, the specialist recommends the treatment to the condition.

Depending on the patient's risk profile, and medical conditions, the heat attack treatment cost in Coimbatore may change accordingly with inclusion of miscellaneous expenses.

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