5 Do’s and Don’ts for First-time Mothers

First-time Moms should know

A newborn can fill your house and heart with a lot of happiness, but the endless eating, puking, and other tiny illnesses that plague a newborn can also make your life complicated and stressful. It is way more than buying expensive toys and devices to take care of a baby, as it includes learning a new set of rules to give your baby the best.⠀


  • Ask for help: If you receive some kind of assistance from your loved ones, don’t hesitate to embrace it. It can be very difficult to live with a tiny child, particularly if you are a first-time parent. 
  • Be careful with the head: Ensure that the baby’s head is healthy, as babies are not strong enough to hold their neck muscles independently until the age of six months. 
  • Burp your baby: Burping your baby is important. Although it’s fine if your baby doesn’t burp after every meal, it will avoid intestinal gas later, but it’s a wise choice to try burping your kid. 
  • Allow them to sleep on their own: As this will make your life simpler, encourage your child to fall asleep on their own. Often have a little break between breastfeeding your baby and nap time.


  • Don’t play violently: Unless your baby is completely grown, make sure not to play violently with your newborn to prevent casualties and internal injuries. Never shake the baby when you want your newborn to wake up. 
  • Don’t shake your baby: Shaking a newborn while playing or for some other cause can lead to internal bleeding in the head and inevitably lead to death. Avoid smoking in the vicinity of your child or avoid taking your child to a place that is exposed to smoke. 
  • Don’t force-feed: Never push an infant to finish your bottle. When they are full, your baby will show signs. 

Don’t use perfumed wipes: Your newborn baby’s skin is very responsive. You should also avoid using any form of perfumed wipes or other items, as allergies or skin rashes may be caused by the chemicals found in them.

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