6 Ways Migraines can be Dangerous

People suffering from migraines-Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

The agony of a migraine may only last for a few hours, but its long-term health effects tend to linger. If you suffer from migraines frequently, come up with a plan with your doctor to control the pain and prevent any additional medical issues. Few hidden ways in which migraines can be much more dangerous than just a headache include

May cause Malfunctioning of the Bowels

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and migraines tend to go hand in hand. According to research, similar changes in the nervous system cause both headaches as well as digestive issues.

May cause Backache

People suffering from migraines also experience frequent low back pain 15-20 times more than others. Over time, the pain develops a set path through the nerves and the brain, causing changes in the structure of our grey matter and causing pain throughout the body.

May lead to Stroke

A stroke happens when the flow of blood to the brain is obstructed or stopped. Migraine increases the risk of stroke, especially if accompanied by visual disturbances like zig-zag patterns or flashing lights before the headache begins.

May cause Vision Shifts

In some cases, migraines may lead to short-term vision changes or vision loss. It may also cause the pupils to enlarge and eyelids to droop.

May cause Sleep Deprivation

Migraine pain may hinder a good night’s sleep, which may worsen the head pain.

May cause Seizures

Both migraines and seizures are caused due to rapidly firing neurons in the brain. Due to this, migraines can cause seizures in people who have epilepsy.

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