7 Ways To Identify Suicidal Tendencies in Patients

Identify Suicidal Tendencies In Patients-Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Suicidal tendencies are not an illness but the consequence of various mental disorders, including depression, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, and eating disorders.

Some of the common warning signs that will help you identify suicidal tendencies in your patients include:

Being Moody or Sad:

Being depressed, sad, or moody is one of the major risk factors for suicidal tendencies.

Sudden Calmness:

If a patient suddenly appears calm or withdrawn after a long struggle with depression and moodiness, it can be a warning sign of suicidal tendencies.

Withdrawing from People:

People with suicidal tendencies usually choose to stay alone, avoid social activities, and friends. They tend to lose interest in activities they enjoyed in the past.

Changes in Appearance and Personality:

The behaviour and attitude of a person contemplating suicide usually change. They start moving or speaking with unusual slowness or speed. They may also lose concern about their personal appearance.

Showing Signs of Self-harm:

A person with suicidal tendencies may engage in dangerous behavior such as using alcohol or drugs, driving recklessly, or cuts or bruises on their body.

Being in a State of Despair:

A suicidal patient may start talking about feeling hopeless, feeling like a burden on others, feeling trapped or an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness/helplessness, or not having a reason to live.

Family History of Suicide:

Two of the most prevalent risk factors for suicide are family history of suicide and family history of psychiatric illness.

If someone you know is exhibiting warning signs for suicide. Get help from our Best psychiatrist in Coimbatore to outcome that.

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