A Doctor’s Guide To Treat Emergency Cases

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Emergencies can occur at any given point of time. It is important that you be prepared for any kind of emergency situation and assist in saving lives. Emergencies can occur either while handling household chores or outside. Here’s the doctor’s guide to follow during various situations:


Burns is one of the most common emergency injuries. In case of burns, ensure to handle it with clean hands.

  • Avoid overhandling and try to be gentle.
  • Refrain from pulling any cloth from burned area
  • Avoid application of any creams or lotion

Cover it with a dry sterile cloth and reach out immediately for medical help.

Heart attack

When first aid is given within 90 minutes of a heart attack there are higher chances for the person to survive. During a heart attack when you find the person isn’t breathing or unresponsive immediately perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

  • Start by giving hard compressions on the chest in a specific way to restore the blood flow. Ensure to provide 100 to 200 compressions in a minute.
  • In case you are well trained in CPR, and after you have performed a minimum of 30 compressions, open the airway and give mouth-to-mouth breathing.


  • In case of seizure, it is important you stay with them until it stops. Aim to keep the person safe, try to loosen the clothing near the neck, and keep the place clear for air passage.
  • Each emergency situation has a way to give first-aid. In any case, the first thing to do is call for emergency ambulance services and provide first aid as soon as possible to avoid fatalities.

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