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A study was conducted on 300 patients at Goa Medical College in 2020 to evaluate general awareness about eye donation among patients and their relatives in the OPD. The results showed that 84% of the people were aware of eye donation, and their awareness was primarily through hospitals, mass information, and social media. 68% were unaware of the eye bank in Goa, 79% did not know that cornea is the primary tissue removed from a donor’s eye, and a mere 32% were willing to donate their eyes!1 This is one of the many studies conducted and reveals the grim statistics of eye donation in India.

The Power to Change the Eye Donation Scenario lies with You!

India comprises 20% of the world’s blind population and requires approximately 2.5 lakh corneal donations every year. Moreover, the national collection across all eye banks totals around 45000. While some are used to restore vision, others do not meet transplantation standards.

  • The three most common reasons for poor eye donation in India are:
  • Lack of awareness.
  • Lack of sufficient information about eye donation.
  • Religious beliefs.

As a healthcare professional, we request that you motivate and encourage people to donate their eyes. Motivational programs and in-clinic counseling are effective ways to convert people’s reluctance into willingness. Let’s together make this mammoth effort to bring sight back to the blind!

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