How Important is Clean Drinking Water for your Health?

Clean Drinking Water - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Water helps dissolve vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from your food, in addition to assisting with food breakdown. It then provides the rest of the body with these vitamin components for use. Water provides the whole body with essential nutrients and oxygen. It will enhance your circulation by meeting your daily water intake and have a positive effect on your overall health. To remain in tip-top cognitive condition, proper hydration is crucial. Studies show that your concentration, alertness, and short-term memory may be adversely affected by not drinking enough water.

1. It helps create saliva

A primary component of saliva is water. Tiny amounts of electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes are also found in Saliva. To break up nourishment and keep your mouth safe, it is important. With periodic fluid intake, the body usually produces enough saliva. However, as a consequence of age or certain medications or therapies, your saliva production can decrease. 

2. It regulates your body temperature

To regulate your body temperature, staying sufficiently hydrated is important. During physical exercise and in humid environments, your body loses water through sweat. Your sweat keeps your body cool, but if you fail to replenish the water you lose, your body temperature will increase. This is because the body, when dehydrated, doesn’t have sufficient electrolytes and plasma. To stop dehydration, make sure you drink plenty of water if you sweat more than usual.

3. It keeps your tissues, spinal cord, and joints healthy

Water ingestion allows the joints, spinal cord, and tissues to be lubricated and cushioned. This will encourage you to enjoy physical exercise and relieve inflammation caused by diseases such as arthritis.

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