It’s Time to Know about Glaucoma and How to Safeguard your Vision

Glaucoma symptoms

Glaucoma steadily affects the optic nerve of the eye, an essential connection between the brain and the eye.  People with glaucoma typically lose vision before they find issues with their eyes. The most prevalent form of glaucoma is known as primary open-angle glaucoma. This happens when the fluid in the eye is not draining correctly. Pressure within the eye increases and affects the optic nerve. This type of glaucoma typically steals your side vision (peripheral vision) initially, therefore you probably won’t see any differences in your vision immediately. With time, however, you’re going to lose your central vision and have difficulty seeing things.

Preventing Vision Problems

Here’s how you can safeguard your vision:

  1. See your ophthalmologist regularly. 
  2. Talk to your doctor if you take steroids, as they can build up your eye pressure. 
  3. Eat a lot of coloured berries, fruits and green leafy vegetables.  
  4. Wear protective eyewear during sports and household activities to protect your eye from injuries.
  5. Protect your eyes from sunlight, as some studies mention a connection between UV Rays and Glaucoma. 

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