Latest Advancements In Treating Brain Tumor

Brain tumor - sriramakrishnahospital

Brain tumor requires immediate treatment to prevent cancer from spreading further; though there are various brain tumor treatments, there are various latest advancements in India to treat the condition; they include:

Amino Acid Chain

Scientists have shown that a short chain of amino acids called the HTL-001 peptide can target the Hox family of genes, which are responsible for the growth of Glioblastoma Multiforme, and stop them from working (GBM).

The study was done on cell and animal models, but the HTL-001 peptide used in the study has been tested for safety and is ready for trials with people. Now, these trials are being thought about for GBM and other types of cancer.

Targeting developmental genes could be a new and effective way to stop glioblastomas from growing and becoming life-threatening.

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