Nurses : In Covid-19 Silent heroes to fight against coronavirus

World Nurse Day - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Nurse – “To go above and beyond the call of duty. The first to work and last to leave. Who will pass through your life for a minute and impact it for eternity”

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in May 2019 that the year 2020 would be dedicated to the nurses. It chose the theme to commemorate the bicentenary birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale which falls on 1 2nd May. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the COVID 19 infection happened across the world and took the lives of many globally.

The nurses’ response to COVID 19 crisis has gone way beyond the core purpose of 2020 as the International year of nurses. The work put in by the nurses during this crisis is powerful.

There is a piece of strong empirical evidence that the nurses’ role and involvement in preventing the spread of COVID 19 are truly remarkable and hallmark of every hospital environment. Nurses are working tirelessly round the clock to save lives, putting themselves and their families at risk. Extraordinary levels of nursing care have unfolded incredible displays of professional unity and an amazing sense of commitment and dedication.

Right now nurses are recognized as heroes across the globe in this COVID 19 pandemic period. They have proved to the world that “Nursing is a calling, not a job.” However, if you ask nurses about their hero status many do not acknowledge themselves as heroes, they usually say “No I am just doing my job”. They are the actual heroes.

Nurses are like the axle of a wheel to keep it in its place. Take away the axle and everything falls apart. When people are scared to touch even their own family, nurses are manning the frontline in the war against coronavirus.

They give their all to take care of the COVID-1 9 patients despite the physical, mental and emotional challenges. The patient may not know the name of the nurses but they will never forget their care. During these uncharted and uncertain times, their hard work shines as a beacon of hope.

The entire nursing community is in the risk zone because of unprecedented levels of overwork. Fortunately, nurses have always been strong, smart, and resilient even in the phase of a formidable crisis. They are unsung heroes, our first line of defense, strong and pivotal pillars of healthcare.

Nurses have proved to be the health warriors who have taken the responsibility very willingly with their hearts and soul.

The profession is central in tackling the pandemic and nurses in every country, have “stepped up and stepped beyond” their calling.

We salute these heroes who work without any expectations and by sacrificing their personal life and family to save lives and improve health outcomes.

This year, 2020, being the year of Nurses be proud of the rewarding profession. God found the strongest women and made them Nurses. Be proud to be a “Nurse”.

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