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Dental surgery - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Meticulous Postoperative Care

There is a time of recuperation after any oral surgery. It is important to carefully and correctly follow the postoperative instructions of your surgeon to improve the healing process and to avoid complications, such as infection. Your surgeon will probably advise you to relax, not participate in any physical activity, and stay home from school or work within the first 24 hours after surgery. You will also probably be advised not to drive, especially if you have undergone general anesthesia or have been given a sedative. Up to 24 hours after surgery, minor bleeding is normal with tooth extraction. 

Regular Follow-up

Your surgeon may suggest biting down on a piece of damp sterile gauze with firm pressure to help ease the bleeding. Swelling is a common reaction to oral surgery being done. You would definitely be advised to keep your head propped up with two to three pillows while resting and sleeping to prevent any swelling. A two-week follow-up appointment is recommended by most oral surgeons. Your surgeon will examine your wound during this visit and check for any signs of complications, including an infection. Make sure this appointment is not canceled, even though patients feel good.

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