Recent Studies in Brain Tumor

Recent studies in Brain Tumor - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

New research from the University of Michigan shows that a new synthetic protein nanoparticle capable of slipping through the almost impermeable blood-brain barrier in mice could carry cancer-killing drugs straight to malignant brain tumors. The research is the first to show an intravenous drug that can cross the blood-brain barrier. 

Glioblastoma Treatment

New therapeutic treatments for the treatment of glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer in adults and one whose occurrence is growing in several countries could one day be made possible by this discovery. The median survival for glioblastoma patients today is around 18 months; the 5-year average survival rate is below 5 percent. The results indicate that the combination of therapeutic drugs and nanoparticle delivery techniques by the team not only eradicated the primary tumor but resulted in immunological memory or the ability to identify and attack residual malignant cancer cells more rapidly. The researchers suggest that after further development and preclinical study, their synthetic protein nanoparticles may be adopted to deliver other small-molecule drugs and therapies to currently “undruggable” solid-based tumors. If you observe any of the symptoms, you must visit an oncologist at the best neurosurgery hospitals. You can request an appointment and get a consultation.

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