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Consistent Care And Compassion Can Cure Trauma

Trauma is among the leading causes of mortality all across the globe. Traumatic injuries can be small isolated wounds to even complicated injuries that involve multiple organs. Any person who suffers from a sudden traumatic injury should be taken to the best hospital at the earliest. At the hospital, the trauma team that includes the trauma surgeon, emergency physician, etc., should attend to the patient at the earliest. The patient can have physical, emotional as well as behavioral responses to the traumatic event. The responses can take time to change and improve with time.

What Should Be Done In Cases Of Trauma?

  • The doctors must maintain compassionate and professional behavior with the trauma patients as their road to recovery can be a little bumpy. Physical shocks can cause symptoms like headache, increased heart rate, dizzy spells, etc. Hence, the patient should be informed about these symptoms and advised to complete the course of the required treatment.
  • Even everyday routine activities can seem to be daunting for patients with trauma. So, let your patient know that they are safe and should take it one day at a time. Along with emotional healing, the patient must have a light and balanced diet. Especially, vitamin C is necessary for their daily diet. According to recent researchers, vitamin C or ascorbic acid helps in relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression and hence alleviates the mood.
  • Traumatic injuries, accidents, battlefield trauma experiences can hide in the brain and create fear in the subconscious mind. Thus, if required, the patient should be encouraged to get help from a therapist for CBT. Cognitive behavior learning is one of the most effective medical interventions that are safe for trauma patients of all age groups.

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