Technological Advancements in Psychiatry

Advancements in Psychiatry treatment-sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Virtual reality and augmented reality innovations are helping patients with PTSD, individuals with delusion paranoia, and individuals in addiction therapy. Based on baseline clinical data obtained at the first onset of psychosis, machine learning technology can measure high-risk suicidal groups and can also be used to predict antidepressant usage performance. 

Continuous Monitoring

Our home and work environments will be one region of dramatic change. With a broader variety of connected devices that can constantly track facets of our lives, including feelings, social interactions, gestures, and speech/language, they will be gradually improved. A number of stable, cloud-based processes will then be used to analyze the captured information. People will be given individualized suggestions across a collection of visual, audio, and other perceptual stimuli that will help them decrease stress, identify mental health conditions or even suggest an intervention, such as meditation. 


Pharmacogenomics is an emerging area that studies the genome of an individual to determine their likely reaction to a particular drug. It is certainly appealing to be able to customize care in this personalized manner, especially if we consider illnesses such as depression.

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