The Current Treatment Approach For Eczema

Eczema Hand Treatment in Coimbatore - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Eczema is growing at a rapid pace among all age groups. Eczema can be both endogenous and exogenous. During recent times, clinical studies have been conducted on certain drugs that aid in treating eczema.

Usually, eczema can be treated with topical agents like corticosteroids, moisturizers, and immunomodulators – resistant cases need system agents like antihistamine systemic corticosteroids and immunomodulators the mainstay of treatment of exogenous eczema to avoid triggering agents.


This is one of the first biological treatments that has got approval. It binds to and suppresses the cytokine interleukin (IL)-13, which has been identified as a significant driver of eczema signs and symptoms.

Targeted Gene Therapy: 

HSD3B1 is a gene that appears to play a role in the skin’s ability to produce its own moisturizers. When this gene is altered it can be effective in treating eczema by aiding the skin cells in producing lipids and oils in higher levels to moisturize itself. When exposed to the two interleukins (IL4 and IL13), this gene (HSD3B1), which produces the enzyme 3b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1, becomes up to 60 times more active.

These new advancements have been quite effective in treating eczema along with reducing the side effects.  Visit the site to learn more about eczema treatment in Coimbatore

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