World Organ Donation Day: Highlights

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Pledging to donate one’s organs is the biggest humanitarian gift a human can give another human. As a doctor, you can help this cause!

World Organ Donation Day is observed every year on the 13th of August to spread awareness about this noble act, but the role of doctors is often understated. Doctors have the power to influence more people to pledge to donate their organs.

Organ Donation Facts: An Eye Opener!

  • The organ donation rate in India is a mere 0.86 per million compared to 46.9 per million in Spain and 31.96 per million in the USA.
  • If India’s organ donation rate goes up to one per million, it is sufficient to meet the current demand.
  • Today, around 5,000 kidney transplants, 1,000 liver transplants, and around 50 heart transplants are done in India every year.
  • One organ donor can save up to eight lives and improve those of 75 others.

Here’s How You can Help!

  • Speak to your patients about organ donation.
  • Keep pamphlets that spread awareness about organ donation in your office.
  • Tie up with organ donor registries.
  • Conduct awareness camps and sessions to educate patients about how to go about organ donation.

You can make it possible. Spread the awareness!

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