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What is referred to as a Pediatric Critical Care Unit?

Pediatric Critical Care Unit or PICU is a specialized unit in the hospital that monitors the children with various health ailments with specialized levels of medical care. It is quite different from the other departments in the hospital as PICU involves constant monitoring of aspects like heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure of the child or a baby.

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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Coimbatore

Who is recommended to get admitted to PICU?

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    PICU is a specialized hospital ward where severely sick children from one month of life up till 18 years are admitted.

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    They have properly trained health care personnel and employ cutting-edge monitoring technology.


The various treatments that are performed in a PICU:

PICU is a specialized medical care unit that involves constant monitoring by the staff and nurses. At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, the doctors offer advanced ventilation, central venous access, placement of an arterial line, dialysis, advanced monitoring of the brain and heart.

The medical conditions treated at PICU:

PICU- The treatment options offered at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital:


Questions ? Answered !

Does being in a PICU mean serious?

Admission into a PICU can be inconvenient, uncomfortable for children. But based on the severity of the illness, the children may need a shorter or longer stay in the PICU. PICU ensures overall wellbeing of the child.

Can children post PICU lead a normal life?

Most of the children usually recover well and go back to lead happy lives. We at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital also provide psychosocial therapy to help them return back to their normal lives quickly without much disabilities.

When can a child leave PICU?

Children will be discharged from the PICU once they have recovered to the point they no longer require close monitoring or treatment that can only be given in the PICU.

Are both NICU and PICU the same?

The name NICU, stands for “Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”. This is a part of a hospital that only treats newborns or babies of a certain age. PICU stands for “Pediatric Intensive Care Unit” which is where kids go when they need the best care possible.

What kind of diseases are treated in PICU?

PICU is designed to handle different conditions like autoimmune disorders, severe infection, respiratory distress, poisoning, medication overdose, trauma and burns complex surgery, and congenital abnormalities.

What is the cost of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Coimbatore?

The cost of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) services in Coimbatore or elsewhere might vary depending on a number of factors, including the services provided, the duration of care, the severity of the child's condition, and the healthcare institution or hospital.

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