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Some Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate / Prostate Cancer

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

Difficulty with starting to urinate

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

The inability to empty the bladder

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

A weak urine stream that stops and begins repeatedly

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

Urinating at night frequently

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

Loss of weight

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

Back Pain

Prostate Enlargement
Treatment in Coimbatore

Prostate Cancer Treatment
in Coimbatore

Diagnostic Steps Offered At The Best Prostate Hospital In Coimbatore:

If an abnormality is observed during the prostate cancer screening, the doctor will recommend certain tests like an MRI and Ultrasound or the doctor might collect some prostate tissue samples to determine if prostate cancer is present.

Reasons To Not Delay Prostate Cancer Treatment
  • If the cancer cells turn aggressive, there are chances of it spreading fast.
  • Can be treated successfully in its early to mid stages.
  • Will be life-threatening if untreated.
Prostate Cancer Surgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital
  • Painless Surgery
  • Higher Chance of Success
  • Fast Recovery

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options In Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

After an initial screening and depending on the stage of Prostate Cancer, Our urologists will recommend

  • If the prostate cancer is low-grade, the doctor will recommend active surveillance to monitor the cancer. If the prostate cancer shows signs of progressing, the doctor will suggest radiation or surgery to combat the cancer.
  • Depending on the severity or stage of the prostate cancer, it would require different combinations of treatments to beat it.

Our Department’s Expertise

The Urology together with the Oncology department has treated over 8000+ patients with Prostate Cancer over the last 40 years. Our team of highly experienced urologists and oncologists will ensure you receive the best treatment for prostate cancer.

Why Choose Sri Ramakrishna Hospital?

Over 48 Years of Medical Service
Best-in-Class Medical Infrastructure
Highly Experienced Urologists and Oncologists
Latest and Safest Treatment Methods

Our Doctors and their Experience

Our team of highly experienced Urologists has the experience of providing prostate treatment in Coimbatore for over 21 years.

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Questions? Answered!

The Prostate Operation Charges or surgery cost depends on the stage of prostate cancer and the type of treatment you currently undergo. Our goal is to be regarded as the best hospital for Prostate Cancer Treatment in Coimbatore, ensuring successful treatment at an affordable cost.

You can be discharged from the hospital for prostate cancer treatment after 1-2 days. Getting back to your normal routine can take approximately 2 weeks.

Depending on the kind of prostate problem you have, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has an expert team of urologists who will first do a screening and check the severity of your problem before providing treatment options. For Prostate Cancer Treatment, depending on the stage of cancer, doctors would highly recommend Prostate Cancer Surgery as the best option to rid you of your pain.

Depending on the stage and severity of prostate cancer, there are therapy options that can help control cancer. They are hormone therapy for prostate cancer, chemotherapy for prostate cancer

Usually men over the age of 50 are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Also when men have a family relative with prostate cancer it increases the chance of developing prostate cancer.

There is a higher chance of exeperiencing back pain when you have prostate cancer. But having back pain alosne does not mean it is due to prostate cancer it can be due to other underlying causes. Back pain in prostate cancer occurs when it spreads to the bones.

After a prostate removal it is highly possible for the prostate to grow back, and when it does there is a chance of developing the prostate tumor. Although a complete prostate cannot be grown after the surgery.

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