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Sports injury rehabilitation is necessary if the sports injury is causing



Limitations to
normal functioning

Affecting the normal
range of motion

When Is Sports Injury
Rehabilitation Needed?

When the patient is unable to perform the normal sports activities due to pain, discomfort, moving the limbs, walking, sitting etc.,

How Is Sports Injury

Diagnosis of sports injuries that require sports rehab physical examination and medical history. The movement of body parts during the physical exam will help the doctor know the need for physical therapy.

Sports Rehabilitation Treatment Options

Sports physical therapists assess the sports injury for movement restrictions, range-of-motion limitations, stability, and flexibility to recommend rehabilitation therapies. Sports injury rehabilitation improves strength and stamina, range of motion, coordination between muscles and joints, and reduces pain and swelling.

Our Department’s Experience

Our Physiotherapy department has treated over 20,000+ patients with sports injury over the last 48+ years. Our team of highly experienced Physiotherapists will ensure you receive the Best sports injury rehabilitation treatment in Coimbatore.

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Over 48+ Years of
Medical Service

Best-in-Class Medical Infrastructure All Under One Roof

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Treatment Methods

Our Doctors and their Experience

V. S. Seetharaman is a Consultant in Physiotherapy Department at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 22 years of experience.

Master of Physiotherapy (M.P.T)(Ortho)

What Our Patients Are Saying

I had lost hope of returning to my favorite sport of football after suffering a knee ligament tear during a practice match. Thanks to the correct diagnosis and prompt initiation of rehabilitation therapy, I am on my way to recovery now. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has the most advanced imaging facilities for prompt diagnosis.


Thanks to doctors, physiotherapists, and other rehabilitation staff at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital for helping me get back to the sports ground. I had a terrible hamstring pull that caused severe pain and discomfort. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has all facilities for sports rehabilitation and compassionate and skilled staff.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A frozen shoulder can severely limit the flexibility and range of motion of the affected shoulder. Some of the rehabilitation treatments for a frozen shoulder include using ice packs, ultrasound, range-of-motion exercises, electric stimulation, and stretching.

Acute sports injuries refer to slip, fall, and collision. These are preventable with care and the use of safety gear. An acute injury can deteriorate because of neglect or treatment failure to cause a chronic sports injury.

Precise diagnosis of sports injury is vital for tailoring the proper rehabilitation plan for individual patients. In the initial stage, the focus should be to reduce pain and promote the healing of an acute injury. Sports injury rehabilitation involves a multidisciplinary approach.

Sports injury rehabilitation helps you return to a pre-injury level of performance at the earliest. It improves strength, flexibility, and range of motion while minimizing pain and inflammation. Sports rehab is also helpful to maintain cardiac fitness during the period of recovery.

Some of the common sports injuries that need rehabilitation are hamstring pull, tears in ligaments of knee joints, dislocation of joints, stress fractures, and injuries of wrist joints. Sports rehab physical therapy is also necessary to treat injuries because of wear and tear of joints.

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