Portal hypertension - Here’s what it is defined as:

Portal hypertension is when blood pressure increases in the portal vein. The portal vein is situated in the abdomen. Its function is to transfer the blood gathered from the digestive organs like the pancreas, stomach, and intestines to the liver.

The carried blood is then filtered in the liver. The filtered blood is then carried to the heart, and the blood is used in normal blood circulation.

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Portal hypertension - Symptoms that indicate:

Spotting of blood in vomit

Bloody stools

Rapid swelling in feet and legs


Unexplained rapid weight gain

The confused state of mind

Malfunction of the kidney

Fall in platelet count

The causes that can lead to portal hypertension:

The possible risk factors of developing portal hypertension:

The possible complications that can follow if portal hypertension is not treated:

If you notice any signs related to portal hypertension, immediately contact portal hypertension doctors in Coimbatore to avoid any major complications.

The diagnostic procedures in the identification of portal hypertension:

The treatment options to treat portal hypertension:

There is no direct portal hypertension treatment, but the complications and causes of portal hypertension are treated.

Below are the treatment options in case of any intestinal bleeding,

Lifestyle tips to follow to prevent portal hypertension:

If you eat well and live a healthy lifestyle, you may be able to avoid portal hypertension. Here are a few tips,

  • Quit smoking

  • Avoid alcohol consumption

  • Reduce the salt

  • Have an active lifestyle


Questions ? Answered !

Can portal hypertension be cured?

Portal hypertension can be managed to a great extent. Portal hypertension patients need regular screening and follow-ups to check their health after treatment. Making changes in lifestyle can also help in the management of portal hypertension.

Is living a normal life possible after portal hypertension?

It might take a mix of a healthy way of life, medicine, and other steps. To check on the liver's well-being, you might need an ultrasound to monitor the liver's health. If you have portal hypertension, it will be up to you to stay away from alcohol and live a healthier life

Are liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension the same?

One of the most common side effects of cirrhosis is portal hypertension. The portal hypertension vein is a large blood vessel that carries blood to your liver. Cirrhosis slows the flow of blood and strains the portal vein. This results in portal hypertension, or elevated blood pressure.

Is portal hypertension a serious concern?

Portal hypertension is a threatening condition that can lead to serious problems that could kill the person. Portal hypertension is a complication of liver cirrhosis and requires medical treatment.

What is the most common portal hypertension complication?

The most common problem with portal hypertension is bleeding from the varices. Nearly 90% of people who have cirrhosis get varices, and about 30% of them bleed.

How much does it cost to treat Portal Hypertension in Coimbatore?

The cost of treating portal hypertension in Coimbatore can vary greatly depending on the source of the problem, the treatment methods selected, the healthcare practitioner or facility, and the patient's specific health needs.

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