I wanted to share our recent experience at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital with Dr. Krishna Shankar. My father has been suffering from joint pain, back stiffness, loss of body hair and recently loss of appetite & weight loss. For the past one year, he has met with a lot of different doctors and specialists with no results and his condition has been deteriorating. After he experienced a severe bout of vomiting and loss of consciousness, we were referred to Dr. Krishna Shankar. He along with Dr. Murali ledmy father’s treatment. We would like to thank them and also the wonderful staff at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. Dr. Krishna Shankarasked for a detailed patient history, diligently reviewed all the symptoms, ordered the required tests and diagnosed my father with Hypopituitarism. Thanks to Dr. Krishna Shankar, my father is doing much better with hormone replacement therapy and is on the road to recovery. I was very impressed by the facilities and treatment at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. The nurses and other staff were very caring, respectful and attentive. The hospital was very clean and has world class facilities. I came to know that hypopituitarism is not well diagnosed leading to unnecessary patient suffering. So I hope this helps spread awareness about the condition and the treatment available for this in our hometown of Coimbatore.
- Mohan, Coimbatore
For past 8 years I was in Muscat, in between I come and go back for treatment. By 2007 I got gestational diabetes, from that time I am having diabetics. Both my parents are diabetic. Till last march my hba1c was 10.7 (6.5 normal) it was 12 when I was in Muscat. Today it is 7.4 and is reducing. I feel normal now. This is happening because of doctor advice and his treatment. I am very happy about this and I have never seen such type of results in past 8 years. It is a miracle happening. This department is doing well now.
- Mrs. Sujatha Raghunathan, Karamadai
Had all six of my surgeries there! A great experience each and every time. I'd be happy to share.
- Akilan, Namakkal
The Doctors of this hospital are having very good skills. B’cause as I met a small accident last year and faced a problem in my knee. A senior doctor in the hospital solved the issue within short period of time. Now I m feeling good.
- Rajalakshmi, Singanallur Coimbatore
I am 64 years old asthma patient, I am taking treatment from Ramakrishna hospital from the past 7 years. Year by year they are developing the hospital little by little. The Coimbatore city wants to thank Ramakrishna for treating the patients with true care.
- Kannapiran, Thondamuthur Coimbatore
I am very happy for taking treatment for Cancer in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. Each and every individual concentrating us on more for the day to day procedures. Thanks to god for getting treatment on Ramakrishna.
- Vaidehi, Pollachi
I can't say enough about how good you all are. You can build a state of the art medical facility anywhere, but the people working in this building cannot be found just anywhere. Thank you for making us feel comfortable during a scary time! We won't forget.
- Arunachalam, Rasipuram