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transnasal skull base surgery in coimbatore

What is transnasal endoscopic skull base surgery?

The skull base protects delicate and complicated structures such as cranial nerves and numerous arteries that control hearing, vision, and balance by supporting the brain's underside.

Endoscopic skull base surgery allows the surgical team to gain access to the delicate, tiny parts of the skull base while also providing detailed images during the procedure. This combination allows your surgeon to see and access your tumor or skull base issue without removing a section of the skull.

The indications of that might show if you need a transnasal endoscopic skull base surgery:

A growth or irregularity in the skull base area can cause various symptoms. The size, nature, and location of the growth or anomaly will determine the symptoms, which may include:

skull base surgery ent in Coimbatore
Facial pain
transnasal endoscopic skull base surgery
best skull base surgeons in Coimbatore
Visual problems
Weakness of the face

Why is transnasal skull base surgery performed?

Minimally invasive skull base surgery is not appropriate for everyone. With your doctor, you'll go over all of your treatment options. Transnasal endoscopic surgery can be performed to treat tumors and abnormalities of the skull base, as well as:

  • The cranial nerves are decompressed.
  • Arrange for the arteries to be litigated.
  • Aneurysms need to be treated.
  • Leaks in the cerebrospinal fluid need treatment.

Diagnosis before the surgery:

Your symptoms and a physical exam are used to diagnose growths or anomalies that may require endoscopic transnasal surgery. These tests and imaging studies are vital aspects of the diagnosis because this area cannot be viewed directly:

Treatment procedure:

Depending on their location, certain cancers can be removed endoscopically using special equipment and scopes that pass via tiny incisions. For example, tumors of the skull base and paranasal sinuses can be securely accessible and efficiently removed through the nasal airways. Many of these tumors were once thought to be inoperable or required extensive craniotomies to be removed.

In transnasal endoscopic surgery, endoscopic technology is used to remove benign and malignant tumors in the head, neck, and skull base, which is a fast expanding discipline.

There is no need to make facial incisions or drill through the skull because the tumors can be reached through the nose. This method allows direct access to previously inoperable malignancies. Patients can expect fewer complications and shorter hospital stays with this technique. There is also an otolaryngology surgery in this procedure.

FAQ Questions? Answered!

ENT skull base surgery may be performed using a minimally invasive endoscopic approach because this is such a tough place to view and reach. The surgeon introduces instruments into the skull through natural openings such as the nose or mouth or a small hole above the brow.

Endoscopic surgery is safer than traditional procedures for operating on intraventricular brain tumors because it allows surgeons to access the brain's inner part without removing large amounts of tissue or draining intracranial fluid, which can result the brain to "sag" away from the skull and bleed.

Healing is normally complete, and crusting disappears within three to four months. Additional follow-up is determined by the diagnosis, the necessity for additional therapy, and the severity of the symptoms.

Skull base surgery is a highly specialized, minimally invasive surgical method for assessing, diagnosing, and treating benign or malignant growths on the underside of the brain, the base of the skull, and the upper spinal vertebrae.

Skull base surgery is performed to remove a tumor or other growth from the skull base, also known as the bottom. Endoscopic skull base surgery, also known as minimally invasive skull base surgery, is a surgical method that allows doctors to perform this delicate procedure through the nose.

Skull Base Surgery is the most complex field to treat. The skull base surgery cost approximately depends on the vascular abnormalities,and other conditions affection the base of the skull.

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