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Understanding the vasculitis condition:

Some diseases, known collectively as vasculitis, cause inflammation that eventually destroys blood vessels. Veins and arteries are both impacted. The inflammation of lymphatic vessels is called lymphangitis and is sometimes classified as vasculitis.

Leukocyte infiltration and subsequent damage play a significant role in the onset of vasculitis. Although phlebitis and arteritis are both forms of circulatory system inflammation, they are considered distinct diseases.

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Vasculitis - the signs and symptoms to look for:

symptoms of Vasculitis

Extreme fatigue

symptoms of Vasculitis

Loss of weight at the onset of the disease

symptoms of Vasculitis

Appetite loss

symptoms of Vasculitis

Overall body ache

symptoms of Vasculitis

Pain overall the body

symptoms of Vasculitis

Pain in the abdomen

Apart from the mentioned signs and symptoms, vasculitis also affects most of the body functions like,

The major causative factors that can lead to the condition:

The risk factors that can are associated with vasculitis:

Certain risk factors that increase the risk of vasculitis include,

Consult a vasculitis specialist in Coimbatore to get treated for vasculitis.

The complications that can follow if vasculitis is not treated for a long time:

Some of the problems that might arise from vasculitis include:

  • Organ failure/damage

  • Clotting of blood

  • Loss of vision

  • Aneurysm

The vasculitis diagnostic procedures to identify the condition:

The first step in medical care is discussing your health history and a thorough physical examination by vasculitis doctors. Some of these are:

The treatment methods recommended for vasculitis:

For vasculitis treatment, the primary goals are reducing inflammation and treating any underlying causes.


Questions ? Answered !

Is vasculitis a chronic condition?

Extremes of severity are possible with vasculitis. Permanent harm from severe vasculitis can be avoided with early diagnosis and vasculitis treatment. In most cases, a blood test, a biopsy of the afflicted tissue, or an angiography will be necessary to diagnose vasculitis.

What happens if you have vasculitis?

Vasculitis can be a dangerous condition. When a blood artery becomes weakened, it may expand and bulge (an aneurysm). It could also rupture and cause bleeding. This can be fatal but is relatively uncommon.

Which part of the body is affected by vasculitis?

Inflammation of the blood vessels is called vasculitis. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels affected by vasculitis, although larger blood arteries like the aorta are also a target.

Who is at high risk of getting affected by vasculitis?

People who suffer from conditions that cause their immune systems to attack their bodies in error may be more likely to develop vasculitis. Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and scleroderma are some examples of autoimmune diseases.

Can people with vasculitis lead a normal life?

Although vasculitis is uncommon and can be hard to diagnose, many patients make full recoveries and return to leading healthy, normal lives. To avoid serious or permanent harm to the person's body and affected organs, prompt diagnosis and treatment of vasculitis are needed.

What is the average cost of vasculitis treatment in Coimbatore?

Current information on the cost of vasculitis treatment in Coimbatore, reaching out to healthcare providers directly. You can contact hospital, discuss the specific details of the condition and the proposed treatment plan, and request a detailed cost estimate.

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