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Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has been the centre for gynecological and obstetrical care for four decades and still continues to provide exceptional care to the expectant mothers. The hospital has safely delivered numerous babies alongside providing care and comfort to the new mothers who have delivered their little bundle of joys.

To offer natural birth to the millennial couples Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has opened its doors to provide all natural birthing services “SRH Birthing Centre” to all the low risk expectant mothers.

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What can you expect at SRH Birthing Center?

The “SRH Birthing Center” offers natural childbirth especially in low risk pregnancies. Natural childbirth refers to the delivery of the baby with minimal to no medical interventions. In India about 85 to 90% of the pregnancies have the potential to have a normal delivery.

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Visit our natural birth Center in Coimbatore to have a safe and healthy delivery.


What are the procedures offered at SRH Birthing Center?

At SRH Birthing Center we offer water birth for an easy normal delivery along with trying to minimize epidural analgesia. 

In recent times, water birth has gained popularity among the millennial couples. As the name suggests the expectant mothers can deliver their babies in a water tub.  

If you are looking to undergo a normal delivery visit a SRH birthing Center in Coimbatore to ensure a safe delivery.


How are pregnant mothers assisted in the birthing Center?

At SRH Birthing Center we provide complete freedom for expectant mothers to move around during their labor. Moving around, adequate hydration helps women to cope with pain.

Upright position of the mother makes use of gravity to overcome rotation in the maternal pelvis. 

The pregnant women will be assisted by a group of expert doctors and doulas along with an anesthesiologist and pediatrician in case of an emergency.


What is involved in the water birth procedure at the birthing Center?

Giving birth in a big tub or warm pool of water is known as a "water birth." While some women choose to give birth on land after using a bathtub, other women could prefer to give birth while still in the water. 

The notion behind water birth, the baby has spent 10 months in the amniotic fluid and coming into a comparable environment is kinder for the child and less demanding on the mother.

What are the major benefits of undergoing a natural or water birth?

Choosing a natural or water birth benefits both the mother and the baby in many ways. Few of the major benefits include:

Natural Birth

Quicker recovery for mothers after delivery

Easy breastfeeding

Lower risk of any medical procedures

Helps in building baby’s brain development.

Lower risk of respiratory problems


Water Birth

Helps increase the woman’s energy to help in delivery and labor 

Water buoyancy helps in free movement and reduces the weight.

Water helps in relaxing the mother physically and mentally to help in concentrating on the delivery.


Questions ? Answered !

Is giving birth naturally expensive?

Natural birth or water birth are highly affordable as there is minimum medical intervention. Depending on the type of natural birth like water birth the expenses may vary accordingly. Reach out to the natural birthing centre in Coimbatore to avail affordable delivery services.

Can anyone choose for natural birth at SRH Birthing Centre?

Generally before choosing for a natural birth, pregnant mothers may need to undergo a few tests that can help determine the health of the mother and the baby. If both the mother and baby are healthy without any complications then you can choose for a natural birth.

Is natural birth safe for the baby?

Babies born vaginally have stronger immune systems and are less likely to have allergies than cesarean babies. This is assumed to be due to hormones released after vaginal birth as well as the crucial microorganisms newborns acquire during vaginal birth.

Is natural birth a painful process?

The pain threshold varies from person to person. Usually giving birth can feel like an intense period cramp. Although with the right guidance and care the pain can be manageable and giving birth can be a less painful procedure.

Does SRH Birthing Centre offer medical help for women giving natural birth?

At SRH Birthing Centre we offer well-experienced gynecologists and obstetricians in Coimbatore.

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