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What are the various Urogynaecological problems?

Women generally face a lot of urogynaecology problems in their young or old age. Some major problems include,

What is a surgical mesh?

  • Surgical mesh is a screen-like material used as a tissue or bone reinforcement. It can be made from synthetic polymers or biopolymers.
  • Non-absorbable synthetic polypropylene is used to make the majority of surgical mesh devices used in female pelvic reconstructive surgery.
  • Mesh is kept under the urethra to give support to the weakened muscles to prevent urine leakage.

How is mesh surgery used to treat SUI and pelvic organ prolapse?

For POP repair or SUI repair, surgical mesh can be permanently inserted to reinforce the vaginal wall or support the urethra or bladder. Surgical mesh is used in three different surgical procedures:

Mesh is inserted transvaginally for pop treatment.

Mesh is inserted transabdominally to treat POP.

SUI mesh sling : A multi-incision sling method with three incisions (cuts) can be used for treatment of stress urinary incontinence. Two very small incisions are made above the pubic bone, and a third incision is made in the vagina in the retropubic operation. In the transobturator operation, two extremely small incisions are made in the groin and thigh and one is made in the vagina.


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The positioning and anchoring of the mesh to be safe, and it has not been linked to any serious issues. The patient's own tissue is used to elevate the prolapsed organs and reestablish the pelvic organ support in transvaginal prolapse repair utilizing native tissue.

Non-absorbable mesh is considered a permanent implant because it will remain in the body indefinitely. It's utilized to give the repaired area some long-term support. Over time, absorbable mesh will erode and lose strength

The graft is usually attached to the pelvic floor muscles. In most cases, this procedure is painless. You can feel like you've been 'riding a horse.' You will experience some discomfort and pain, so take pain medicine as needed.

The surgery takes roughly an hour to an hour and a half on average. The majority of people who have mesh removed will require general anesthesia, and others will require at least one day in the hospital. Depending on the scope of the procedure, recovery could take weeks or months.

The whole mesh is removed through a combination of a vaginal incision where the tape is mobilized between the pubic bones and 6-7 cm incisions in the groin. This operation is easier if the obturator tape has not been partially removed earlier.

Mesh Surgery is one of the most complicated surgeries to be held. The mesh surgery cost relies on the implant chosen for the procedure.

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