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Here's about the surgery for Burn Scars :

Rebuilding form and function is reconstruction. Reconstructive surgery may be an option for burn scars, that limits mobility, causes feeling loss or is cosmetically unpleasant.

Burn Scar Treatment in Coimbatore
Burn Scar Treatment in Coimbatore

Who needs treatment for burn scars?

Patients who have met the following criteria after sustaining a burn and are candidates for plastic surgery

  • If the injury is so serious that the patient can no longer move freely,
  • For those who have lost feeling due to the burn,
  • Surgical reconstruction of the burn's aesthetics, if necessary.

The aim of plastic or burn wound reconstructive surgery:

The major goal of plastic surgery for burns is to repair damaged skin or replace scar tissue. Patients with severe burns' long-term functional and aesthetic consequences have a heightened need for plastic surgery.

The benefits of undergoing treatment for burn wounds

A person's sense of self-worth and confidence might be boosted by plastic surgery if they have suffered from severe burns. Face, lips, ears, and eyes are vulnerable to severe burns. In addition to emotional distress, this might lead to physical deformities. Therefore, the confidence of the patient might be increased once plastic surgery is performed to restore those components.

The benefits of undergoing treatment for burn wounds or infection:

  • Plastic surgery can increase a burn victim's self-esteem and confidence.
  • Burns to the nose or nasal cavity may be treated with plastic surgery. Nasal restoration promotes breathing and sleep.
  • Burn victims may have vision impairment due to sagging eyelids or fat and muscle growth around the eyes. Blepharoplasty can enhance eyesight.

Different types of burned skin treatments are recommended for wound or burn patients:

FAQ Questions? Answered!

A skin graft is required if skin cells have been lost or damaged beyond repair. This is because the fire has also damaged the dermal layers of skin, and the cells that would ordinarily cure the burn site are no longer available to do so.
Depending on the extent of the burn, plastic surgery for burns may be a little or big procedure. Plastic surgery can be a lifesaving choice when vital structures, including the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, are injured.
It may take two weeks for patients to recover from burn plastic surgery fully. It may take a few extra weeks for the wounds to heal if full-thickness skin grafting is required.
Plastic surgery for burns can have a long-lasting effect; however, this will vary according to the extent of the injury and the skin burn specialist's skill. Patients with severe burns may need multiple procedures to remove the resulting scarring.
When a patient undergoes a flap operation, they typically experience some degree of discomfort afterwards. We have both prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers available to meet your needs. After surgery, it's best to take it easy, as any kind of physical exertion can increase the risk of bleeding in the treated area.
The size and severity of the scar, the kind of therapy or operation needed, the clinic or healthcare professional, and the location all affect how much burn scar removal will cost.

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