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Understanding what is reconstructive surgery :

Reconstructive surgery restores the function to parts of the body that have been damaged by birth defects, disease-related defects, or injury-related defects. Reconstructive surgery involves procedures like cleft lip and palate repair and breast reconstruction.

The word "reconstructive" relates to the process of rebuilding something after it has been damaged or destroyed.

Generally people who have faced defects right from the birth, or in case of any injury or accidents that have left with deformities.

There are various types of reconstructive surgeriesfrom which one can choose from:

Breast reconstruction orreduction :

Breast reduction surgery is available for women who have had a mastectomy or who have unusually large breasts that are causing back problems or other health concerns; males can also have their breasts reduced.

Procedures for hands and feets:

This procedure is accessible for persons with a variety of ailments, including cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, as well as webbed or additional toes or fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that can be treated.

Wound care:

Skin grafts or other reconstructive treatments are offered for people who have been severely burned or cut.


These procedures can be used to replace bodily components that have been damaged or diseased, such as cancer. Ear reconstruction surgery is also performed for people who have deformed ears.

Facial Procedures:

These procedures can be used to treat face deformities like cleft lip, breathing issues like snoring, and persistent infections like sinusitis.

How is reconstructivesurgery recommended?

The situation of each person will be assessed on an individual basis. Your surgeon will gather information about your medical history and assess your case based on your desired outcomes and medical necessity. You might, for example, have a breast removed in order to treat breast cancer. You can have plastic reconstructive surgery to have an implant placed in your breast. Choose the top facial reconstruction surgeons for the procedure, as it is important to find the best choice.

How does reconstructivesurgery work?

Reconstructive surgery frequently employs tissue from one part of the body to restore another. Head and neck surgery, for example, may alter the contour of your jawbone. As a result, your surgeon may need to remove bone from your leg in order to restore your jaw. This can help your jaw regain its original form and function.

Your surgeon will use microscopic stitches to join the tissue and blood vessels in the new region, ensuring that the tissue receives adequate blood flow.

You'd need a microscope to see the stitches since they're so little. This procedure is also known as "microvascular" surgery.

Procedure of the reconstructive surgery:

Breast reconstructive surgery: The breast reconstruction with flap is a procedurethat involves two methods.

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Our Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery has treated over 20,000+ patients with ear reconstruction surgery, nosereconstruction surgery, over the last 48 years. Our highly experienced Plastic Surgeons will ensure you receive the bestreconstructive surgery in Coimbatore.

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Our highly experienced Plastic Surgeons have immense experience in providing thebest reconstructive surgery in Coimbatore.

Dr. S. Bhagavath Kumar is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon of the Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 16 years of experience and has an expertise in Hand Surgery, Trauma & Reconstruction, Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and Acute Burn.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Plastic Surgery), Fellowship (American Board)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The use of tissue from one section of the body to rebuild another is common in reconstructive surgery. For instance, head and neck surgery can change the shape of your jawbone. As a result, in order to repair your jaw, your surgeon may need to remove bone from your leg. This can aid in the restoration of your jaw's original shape and function

There are various types of facial reconstructive surgery which can help in remodeling face. Few most common surgeries are chin implants, otoplasty, , blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy, facial reconstructive surgery, cosmetic nasal surgery, revision rhinoplasty, scar revision, and septoplasty.

Chin reconstruction surgery is a procedure that is performed to remodel an underdeveloped or weak chin. The cost of the procedure can entirely depend on the location and the kind of the procedure. There are various reconstructive surgery hospitals which can help you find the right procedure.

A nose reconstruction surgery is also referred to as rhinoplasty, the size, shape, and proportions of your nose can all be altered through rhinoplasty. It is generally used to fix abnormalities caused by an injury, cure a congenital condition, or alleviate breathing problems.

Plastic surgery's major goal is to restore tissue and skin function and appearance to as close to normal as feasible.

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