What is an Anal Fissure?

An anal fissure happens when a tear occurs in the skin in the anus region. Anal fissures will be uncomfortable and painful and will cause severe pain during or after defecation. The anal fissure might bleed a bit from time to time. Anal fissures can occur in adults or in children. Anal fissures most often heal by themselves within a few weeks.

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Symptoms of Fissure

Pain occurring during and after bowel movements

Blood in the stool after a bowel movement

Around the anus, a crack in the skin is visible

A small lump or skin tag is visible near the skin near the anus

Anal fissure operation

How To Treat Anal Fissure?

Some Fissures can be detected easily. For fissure, The initial diagnosis will begin with a clinical rectal exam. For the best treatment for anal fissure, consult a Doctor. Depending on the severity, the Doctor would recommend surgery as a permanent solution for fissure.

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Our General Surgery department has treated over 200000+ Patients with anal fissures over the last 47 years. Our team of highly experienced General Surgeons will ensure you receive the best fissure treatment.

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Our team of highly experienced General Surgeons have immense experience in providing the Best anal fissure treatment in Coimbatore.

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Depending on its severity and if surgery is required, the cost for fissure treatment in Coimbatore averages between 30,000 to 60,000 after taking into account expenses like a hospital’s administration charges, treatment costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Most doctors recommend surgery as the best treatment for fissure. Patients can get back to their regular routine in 2 days

Numerous factors determine the best hospital for fissure treatment, hospitals have to ensure the patient’s needs are met and treatment for anal fissure is affordable. We at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital ensure you receive the best treatment for fissure at a reasonable cost.

For fissure treatment, there are no side effects, but depending on the type of surgery undertaken, the recovery time will differ.

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