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What are Hernias referred to as?

When an internal organ or other body component pushes through the muscle or tissue that surrounds it normally, it develops a hernia. The majority of hernias develop in the abdomen, between the chest and the hips.

Here are the major types of Hernia :

Signs of Hernia :

Major causes of Hernia that can lead to the condition:

Diagnostic procedures that are involved in identifying Hernia in a person:

The best hernia treatment we offer:

The best treatment for hernia is always surgery that will be suggested by your hernia specialist, who may also refer you to a surgeon.

Open surgery:

In an open hernia repair, a cut or incision is made in the groin. In order to strengthen the abdominal wall, the surgeon next pushes the hernia back into the abdomen and inserts stitches or synthetic mesh to strengthen the abdominal wall. Reach out to the best hospital for hernia surgery in Coimbatore in case you are suffering from hernia issues.

Untreated Hernia can cause:

Obstruction (incarceration)




FAQ Questions? Answered!

Hernia treatment requires surgery, the size and severity will determine if you need surgery. Your hernia specialist may only monitor your hernia for complications.
The pressure causes an organ or tissue to bulge through the weakness or opening. Rarely present at birth, muscular weakness might occur later in adulthood.
Without considerable pain, patients can have surgery within weeks. Severe pain patients need emergency surgery and should be assessed in an ER.
Some hernias result in discomfort or feelings of weakness, heaviness, or hurting. Strangulation is a severe hernia complication that can cause abrupt pain or pain that has become noticeably worse
Yes. Incisional or recurring groin hernias cause spontaneous abdominal hernia rupture. A ruptured abdominal hernia requires emergency surgery to prevent bowel obstruction, asphyxia, and content exposure.

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Our Department of General Surgery has treated over 20000+ patients with hernia surgery over the last 48 years. Our highly experienced hernia specialists will ensure you receive the best hernia treatment in Coimbatore.

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