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When is immediate treatment for hormonal imbalance required?

Hormonal imbalance can lead to severe complications. Seek immediate hormonal imbalance treatment if you notice the following symptoms:

Hormone Treatment Sudden weight loss - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Sudden weight loss or unexplainable weight gain

Hormone Treatment Joint stiffness - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Joint stiffness, pain, and tenderness

Hormone Treatment Fat or a hump between - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Fat or a hump between

Hormone Treatment Muscle weakness- Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Muscle weakness

Hormone Treatment Changes in heart rate- Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Changes in heart rate

How is hormonal
imbalance detected?

An endocrine specialist will examine your symptoms and perform a physical exam. There is no single hormone imbalance test. Our hormones specialists may recommend one of these diagnostic tests:

  • Ultrasound
  • Blood test to measure thyroid and cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen levels
  • Pelvic examination
  • Advanced tests like biopsy, MRI, thyroid scan
hormone imbalance test-Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Hormonal imbalance treatment

Hormonal imbalance treatment depends on the causes and risk factors of hormone imbalance. Its treatment has to be patient-specific. A hormone specialist doctor may recommend the following treatments:

  • Hormonal therapy: Women experience several distressing symptoms during the transition to menopause. This happens due to a fall in hormone levels as the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone. Hormone therapy aims to replenish these hormones. Testosterone supplements, for example, help stimulate puberty in males with delayed puberty.
    • Estrogen therapy: Your doctor may suggest a low dose of estrogen to correct estrogen imbalance as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This can reduce discomforting symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes.
    • Hormone birth control therapy: A combination of estrogen and progesterone can help regulate menstrual cycles.
    • Medication to block androgen: Anti-androgen treatment may be helpful in women who have high levels of male sex hormones.
    • Testosterone supplements: A hormone specialist may suggest testosterone supplements to increase testosterone levels in males or adolescents.
  • Non-hormonal therapy: A hormone specialist may consider recommending non-hormonal remedies in certain situations.
  • Lifestyle changes: A hormone specialist doctor will guide you in incorporating lifestyle changes to manage symptoms of hormonal imbalance. These may include weight loss, breathing exercises, and steps to avoid hot flashes.
  • Diet modification: Diet changes can be an appropriate hormonal balance treatment. Your doctor will suggest including certain ingredients in your diet to restore hormonal balance. These may include plant estrogens like flaxseed, lentils, and chickpeas.

Our Department’s Experience

The department of Diabetology and Endocrinology has treated over 15000+ patients with Hormone problems over the last 48 years. Our team of highly experienced Diabetologists and Endocrinologists will ensure you receive the best hormone treatment.

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Our Doctors and their Experience

Our team of highly experienced Diabetologists and Endocrinologists have immense experience in providing the best hormone treatment in Coimbatore.

Dr. Suresh Damodharan is a Consultant (Diabetology, Thyroid and Endocrinology) of the Department of Diabetology and Endocrinology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 27 years of experience and is a specialist in Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Consultant (Diabetology, Thyroid and Endocrinology), MBBS, MRCP, (U.K.), CCST (Int-Medicine) (London), CCST (Diabetology and Endocrinology ) (London), Consultant Diabetes and Endocrinology

Dr. G. Krishna Shankar is a Consultant (Diabetology, Thyroid and Endocrinology) of the Department of Diabetology and Endocrinology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 16 years of experience and is a specialist in treating Hormone issues.

MBBS., MD(Gen Med)., DM(Endo & Diab).,
MRCP(UK)., SP.CERT(Endo & Diab)
Consultant Diabetes and Endocrinology

What Our Patients Are Saying

patient review about hormonal imbalance treatment - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

I am a mother of two grown-up children. My weight gain and irritability really worried me. I, fortunately, consulted an endocrine specialist at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. The staff and doctors were very compassionate. It had advanced facilities for correctly diagnosing my hormonal conditions. The doctor patiently listened to my problems and offered appropriate advice for weight management. I got proper hormonal imbalance treatment and am now enjoying life with no symptoms. By the way, my weight is also under control now!

Anaita Krishnamoorthy
patient review about hormonal imbalance treatment - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

My daughter's PCOS problem was greatly worrying me. Besides a hoarse voice, she had other awkward symptoms like facial hair growth and weight gain. She was also feeling depressed. This was also affecting her board exam preparation. Thanks to the timely diagnosis and treatment by the caring doctors at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, my daughter’s condition is now improving remarkably. The hospital has dedicated staff and the latest medical facilities for diagnosing all complex conditions. My daughter has become friendly with the doctors and nursing staff too.

Mohit Sai

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Hormonal imbalance treatment --Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

These depend upon various factors like family history and lifestyle. Reduced estrogen levels cause loss of bone mass and make the bones brittle. Osteoporosis and cardiac diseases are two other major long-term complications.

You may notice HRT’s effect only after 2–3 months. It may not suit all women who are experiencing symptoms. Your doctor can guide you about the treatments to stabilize estrogen and progesterone imbalance.

Yes, you can get pregnant with hormonal balance treatment . This induces ovulation by normalizing thyroid function. The doctor may recommend additional diet changes and weight loss to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Several hormonal imbalances cause sudden weight gain. The thyroid’s inability to produce hormones affects metabolic processes. Weight gain is prevalent in Cushing’s syndrome. Age can also cause hormone imbalance and weight gain.

You can follow a high-protein diet and start exercising regularly. Avoid sugar and foods that contain refined carbohydrates. Stress management can also help control weight gain, by avoiding stress eating.

The cost of treating hormone imbalance will depend upon every individual’s needs and condition. And also the type of hormones you need, the dosage and frequency of injections or pills, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Numerous hormones including prolactin, growth hormone levels can change in the bloodstream as a result of stress. To defend onself, the flight or fight response requires some of these changes.

Although hormonal imbalance may not directly cause diabetes, when hormonal imbalance is associated with other factors it can lead to diabetes. But when you are diagnosed with diabetes and also have hormonal imbalance it can worsen your diabetes.

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