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What are thyroid disorders?

Thyroid is a small gland that is located wrapped around the windpipe and it looks like a butterfly. Thyroid is a vital gland when compared to other glands in the human body. Thyroid controls most of the body functions. Any discrepancy in the function of the thyroid gland can lead to severe health conditions.

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What are the symptoms of thyroid disorder?

Thyroid is known to control the development functions in adults. There are two types of thyroid disorders called hypothyroidism (inadequate amount of thyroid gland secretion) and hyperthyroidism (excess amount of thyroid gland secretion). Each of these disorders show different signs. The thyroid condition can show symptoms like:

The signs of hypothyroidism:

  Sensitive to cold
  Dry skin and hair
  Achy muscles
  Weight gain
  Changes in menstrual cycle

The signs of hyperthyroidism:

  Hair loss
  Hand tremors
  Intolerance to heat
  Increased sweating
  Changes in nails
  Difficulty in concentrating

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, reach out to thyroid specialist in Coimbatore to seek immediate treatment and care.

How are thyroid disorders diagnosed?

  Blood test to monitor the levels
  Radioactive iodine test
  Physical Examination

To seek accurate diagnosis, reach out to the thyroid hospital in Coimbatore immediately.

What are the treatment options for thyroid disorders?

The thyroid disease treatment options are usually determined after the diagnosis of the type of thyroid disorder. Although the first line thyroid disease treatment is medications:


After the diagnosis the specialist at a thyroid hospital can suggest a few over the counter drugs to control the secretion and the dosage is prescribed by the thyroid specialist.

Radioactive iodine:

In this medical thyroid treatment option you will be given a pill of iodine and upon the consumption of this pill the thyroid is completely out of function and the patient becomes hypothyroidic to avoid this condition the patient will be provided with an alternative of thyroid gland secretion.


Thyroidectomy surgery is the last option and people with severe thyroid conditions are recommended to undergo surgery and an alternative will be provided for the thyroid secretions.


Questions? Answered!

What is the difference between hyperthyroid and hypothyroid?

Hyperthyroidism is a condition which occurs when thyroid produces higher levels of thyroid hormones. And hypothyroidism is when the thyroid produces less amount of hormones. Hypothyroidism is quite common when compared to hyperthyroidism.

Is thyroid a serious problem?

Thyroid diseases when managed effectively, people can live a normal life. But when either a hyperthyroid or hypothyroid is not treated it can lead to several health complications and can lead to a life-threatening condition

Is thyroid disease hereditary?

Thyroid disorders have several causes that include genetics. Almost 65% of the thyroid production is determined by a person’s genetics. So when the thyroid underperforms or over performs genetics are one of the reasons for it.

Can stress affect thyroid?

Although stress does not directly affect thyroid function. But severe stress can affect autoimmune diseases and eventually thyroid function can also be affected if the stress levels are not managed.

Is thyroid reversible?

Normal thyroid function is possible through thyroid disease treatment for all conditions. But often, this means taking medication to keep the thyroid functioning normally. In case of serious thyroid disorders then thyroid surgery is recommended.

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