Here's what IVF is and everything you need to know:

In vitro fertilization is a successful assisted reproductive technology for people with infertility concerns. Additionally, it is one of the operations that is carried out the most frequently. For four decades, IVF has been a boon to eight million babies. IVF is a procedure that involves the extraction of eggs and sperm from the couple and fertilizing them externally in a laboratory. The number of babies delivered through the years shows how successful the IVF procedure is.

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The reasons for choosing the IVF Procedure :

Low sperm count

Poor sperm motility


Fallopian tube blockage

Uterus concerns

Unexplained infertility

Fibroids in uterus

Male infertility

Diagnosis to confirm the need for IVF:

Before concluding on IVF, the male and female must undergo a few tests to confirm the reason for infertility. These test results also help the infertility specialist recommend the best IVF treatment process.

How is IVF performed? Breakdown of step-by-step
IVF procedure:

IVF involves various combinations of steps to complete one IVF cycle. Here are the steps involved in infertility treatment,

Debunking the major myths linked with IVF:

Myth 1 :

IVF can increase the chances of delivering a baby with defects.

Fact :

IVF does not directly cause congenital disabilities, but it helps to reduce the risks of defects through preimplantation genetic testing.

Myth 2 :

IVF is a difficult and traumatic process.

Fact :

In the past, IVF was associated with severe pain, but as the advancements in medicine progressed, IVF is now comparatively a painless procedure.

Our Services :

ART Technologies have revolutionized the management of infertility. We carry out cutting-edge procedures such as:

Blastocyst Culture
Donor Program(Oocyte/Sperm/Embryo)
Embryo Cryopreservation, Oocyte Cryopreservation and Semen/Sperm Cryopreservation(Freezing)
Testicular Sperm Aspiration/Biopsy and ICSI (TESE-ICSI)
Assisted Hatching with Laser
Surrogacy – Medical Indication no commercial surrogacy
Semen freezing for cancer patients

When is the time to consult an
IVF Specialist?

If you and your partner have tried having unprotected sex for a year and still can't get pregnant, you might want to see an infertility specialist. You can even try for more than a year, but the best thing to do is to see a doctor right away. If your periods aren't regular, if you have trouble ovulating, or if your partner has trouble ejaculating, you should talk to an IVF expert.


Questions ? Answered !

Can IVF lead to various health problems later in future?

There is no direct evidence proving this point that IVF can lead to different health issues later in future. Following the right precautions and healthy habits recommended by your IVF specialist can help avoid any health issues

Is IVF a painful procedure?

IVF doesn't hurt or make you feel bad. But many people might find the process tiring. Most people don't feel any pain at any point in the process. Some women find it a little painful to get the eggs out. In contrast, some women get cramps and feel full during the IVF cycle's first phase, called "ovarian stimulation."

How long does it typically take to become pregnant using IVF?

When opting for the IVF process, the most difficult part can be to consult a doctor and understand how the procedure will take place. But if you choose to trust a hospital that can provide you with the best fertility treatment in Coimbatore, all your dreams will surely come to life and help you achieve the opportunity of becoming a parent. Speak to your IVF specialist to know the IVF cost in Coimbatore to make a better decision.

How can I improve my chances of successful treatment at an IVF hospital?

Maintaining a healthy weight, optimizing the health of your sperm, choosing a good fertility center in Coimbatore, Trying to reduce stress levels, choosing to quit smoking, keeping your vitamins and supplements in check, making sure you have good levels of vitamin D and trying to support your partner with persistence and patience will surely help in improving your chance of a successful IVF.

If one IVF cycle is not successful, can you try another cycle?

Not all couples get pregnant in the first cycle, so your specialist might request you to wait for one or two menstrual cycles before continuing the next cycle of IVF.

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