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What are the symptoms and warning signs for diabetes mellitus in children?

There are several symptoms and warning signs of diabetes mellitus in children. Parents should not ignore these signs and should consult the best pediatric endocrinologist. The symptoms of diabetes in children may be:

  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Fatigue and unintentional weight loss
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Bed wetting in children who previously didn't wet the bed at night
  • Extreme hunger and thirst
  • Altered behaviour and irritability
  • Fruity-smell while breathing

How do doctors diagnose diabetes mellitus in children?

In case of any of the symptoms of diabetes in children, the parent should visit the best children’s diabetes hospital to confirm the diagnosis. Diagnostic methods include:

Random blood sugar test:

Children with random blood sugar levels higher than 200 mg/dL indicate diabetes.

HbA1c test:

Glycated hemoglobin level above 6.5% in children suggests diabetes.

Fasting blood sugar test:

A blood sugar level of 126 mg/dL or above, after overnight fasting, indicates diabetes mellitus in children.

What are the treatment options for diabetes mellitus in children?

If diagnosed, the child should visit the best children's diabetes centre. Treatment of diabetes in children includes the following methods:

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The exact cause of diabetes remains unknown. However, certain factors increase the risk of diabetes. These include being obese or overweight, a family history of diabetes, and having insulin resistance.

The safety of your child is crucial when you are not present. Ensure that your child has a medical ID bracelet at all times during school hours. Provide detailed instruction to the school authority about meal schedules and delivering insulin injections. Inform the school about the symptoms of low blood sugar levels and also remember to train the people responsible for caring for your child.

Parents play an essential role in managing diabetes in their children. They should encourage their child to be physically active and to maintain their weight. Reduce the screen time allowed to them and engage them in enjoyable activities.

Eating too much sugar does not directly cause diabetes. However, a significant amount of sugar causes adverse effects on the liver and results in obesity. These are risk factors for diabetes. Natural sugars, such as those found in fruits, do not increase the risk of diabetes.

The exact cause of diabetes is not known. However, family history increases the risk of diabetes. You should not ignore the symptoms of diabetes and have regular screening of your child at a pediatric diabetes hospital.

Since diabetes treatment is offered for a long-time, the cost includes medications, and insulin therapies that opt for child and doctor consultation combined.

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