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What are pediatric thyroid disorders?

Thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland that sits right above your collarbone and at the base of your neck. It is one of the major endocrine glands of the human body that produces vital hormones, which are responsible for controlling several important functions of the body.
Pediatric thyroid disease occurs when your child’s thyroid gland begins to produce too much or too little hormone.

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Pediatric Hypothyroidism Treatment in Coimbatore

What are the types of pediatric thyroid disorders?

There are two major types of pediatric thyroid disorders and they include,


It is a common endocrine disorder where your child’s thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone. This condition can affect heart rate, energy conversion function, metabolism, and many other functions of the body.


A condition known as hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland overproduces thyroid hormone. As it is an over-active condition it can also lead to over activity of the body functions in your child.

What are the symptoms of pediatric thyroid disorders?

The symptoms of pediatric thyroid disorders can depend on the type of the thyroid disorders.

Understanding the symptoms of hypothyroidism in children:


  Sudden weight gain


  Slow development of speech

  Slow growth rate

  Puffy face

  Itchy or dry scalp

Understanding the symptoms of hyperthyroidism in children:

  Difficulty to gain weight

  Constantly feeling hot

  Irregular heartbeat

  Poor overall performance

  Trouble concentrating

  Constantly irritated


In case your child is experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms it is important to reach out to the pediatric thyroid hospital to balance the thyroid hormones.

What are the diagnostic procedures for pediatric thyroid disorders?

Depending on the type of the symptoms your child is experiencing, a pediatric thyroid doctor may recommend diagnostic tests accordingly.

Pediatric Hypothyroidism Treatment in Coimbatore
Blood tests:

Blood sample examination is the ideal way to diagnose thyroid functioning. Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and other specific thyroid hormone levels can be determined with blood examination.

Pediatric Hypothyroidism Treatment in Coimbatore
Radioactive iodine uptake:

This test also works effectively to diagnose thyroid disorders. In this test, a radioactive iodine pill is given to the child and observed how the iodine is collected in the thyroid gland.

Pediatric Hypothyroidism Treatment in Coimbatore
Thyroid scans:

Thyroid scans are also performed to understand the size, shape, function, and position of the thyroid gland.

What are the treatment options for pediatric thyroid disorders?

There are several ways to treat thyroid disorders and depending on your result a pediatric thyroid specialist usually recommends the best option that suits your child the best.


For children with uncomplicated thyroid, pediatric thyroid doctors may prescribe medications to control the condition. When your child is experiencing hyperthyroidism then the cause of hyperthyroidism is treated to balance the thyroid hormone levels.


In cases where medications don’t be effective or even if your child seems to have a complicated thyroid then pediatric thyroidectomy is usually recommended.

Pediatric Hypothyroidism Treatment in Coimbatore


Questions? Answered!

What is the cause of thyroid in children?

There are several causes of thyroid disorders in children. But autoimmune disorders are the most common cause of thyroid disorders in children. The immune cells of the immune system begin to attack the thyroid gland leading to thyroid disorders.

How do I know if my child has a thyroid problem?

There are several symptoms to diagnose a thyroid problem in children. It is important to look for symptoms like sudden weight gain/loss, tiredness, itchy scalp, constipation, trouble concentrating, nervousness, and many more. In case you notice these symptoms in your little one reach out to the hospital for pediatric thyroid treatment.

Can thyroid issues cause behavior problems in kids?

The thyroid gland is producing too much thyroid hormone when a child or adolescent is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Consequently, the body's systems may begin to operate more quickly. Behavioral problems are typically more prevalent in children with hyperthyroidism.

What is a normal pediatric thyroid level?

Children between the ages of 6 and 10 typically have TSH values between 0.8 and 6.0 mU/L. Low levels of TSH, which are the result of excessive thyroid hormone production, are indicative of hyperthyroidism.

Do thyroid problems increase with age?

As we age, the thyroid gland and other endocrine organs experience significant functional changes. It is well known that as people age, thyroid disorders become more common.

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